"Konbe" means "cheers" in Korean and we salute this scrumptious restaurant in Marina del Rey. The moment you enter Wharo Korean BBQ and inhale the provocative smells, you will shudder with mouth-watering anticipation.

We constantly remind you to traverse Los Angeles discovering all of its peoples and cultures and easily the best way is through dining. Wharo Korean BBQ is the most stimulating newish addition to the Westside, so be prepared to give your taste buds a treat.

The word wharo refers to the age-old Korean charcoal pot symbolic as the centerpiece where families and friends sit around to eat and tell stories. Here at Wharo, in this friendly, gracious contemporary space, you sit around tables with the grill in the center and eat and chat. This is traditional home-style Korean cooking at its finest, and we are thrilled it opened several months ago.

We love this delicious food which sizzles in front of you on the grill or in big steaming bowls. This is authentic, aromatic, awesome cuisine, somewhat spicy and wonderfully seasoned. The basic seasonings – red pepper, green onion, soy sauce, bean paste, garlic, ginger, sesame, mustard, vinegar and wine – combine to make this some of the tastiest gastronomy on the planet.

Wharo Korean BBQ owners Mijin Namgoong and Peter Kim use only the finest prime beef because they want you to appreciate the quality of every bite. This food has gusto. If you have never had Korean food, you will wonder what took you so long to try it after eating here.

We have been looking for a high quality Korean restaurant on the Westside and this place is sure to be favored by food writers everywhere. There is a diverse selection of items to choose from, just ask any member of the knowledgeable staff.

Our server was easy going and clued-in about the Korean dishes. Here are some of the items we tried, all which we loved and could not stop devouring. We started with a warm mushroom salad with a secret dressing – wonderful and so fresh. Next was a lovely surprise, the unique pajyun, pan-fried Korean pancakes with chives and seafood. A palatable ponza sauce is used for dipping many menu items. The spicy soup was great.

Indulge in new tastes and experiences. Try kimchi (fermented, garlicky spicy cabbage) that stimulates the palette and namul, assorted vegetable sides like seaweed salad, shredded radish and spinach, all seasoned and soaked in unique flavors. Beside the grill is a little side of garlic paste for dipping your meats. Barbecue any and all of the marinated beef dishes on your personal grill like Kobe beef, bulgogi, short ribs, and the outskirt beef as well as shrimp and scallops. There are other non-barbecued items including noodle dishes, soups and rice dishes. Order separate dishes or order Hanjongshik, which literally translates to "full course Korean meal." Expect exotic and pure pleasure in a terrific atmosphere.

From its inception, Wharo Korean BBQ has been super busy. This place is a winner.

Open for dinner every day, lunch Monday through Saturday. Wharo Korean BBQ is located at 4029 Lincoln Blvd. For more information, call (310) 578-7114.