Ah, the Father’s Office column. It was inevitable.

Father’s Office represents an almost hush-hush cult following in the City of Angels. I would argue that the vast amount of newcomers here have been taken by friends who are generous enough to share the secret.

And what is the secret you might ask? There is one item that must be tasted by every resident of Los Angeles at some point in his/her existence here. And that one item is: the Office Burger.

This is the type of food item that literally haunts you in your sleep. You try it once, and you cannot get it out of your head. I think it essentially rewires the brain, spoiled that you have given it such an amazing substance.

Here’s the rundown. The burger starts with dry aged sirloin. Add the following on top: caramelized onion, Applewood bacon compote, Gruyère, Maytag Blue Cheese and arugula. Top all this off on a soft French roll and there you have it.

I am not going to further divulge this burger. Consider it required admission to live in this city. It’s that good.

The ambiance inside Father’s Office 2.0, a.k.a. the Culver City location, is hip and modern with just a teensy bit of pretentious, “I know how good I am” vibe. That’s OK. There is another smaller location in Santa Monica that is the original founding building. It tends to get quite crowded, so it felt nice to be able to stretch out a bit at the 2.0 off Helms Avenue near Sony Studios.

While the burger is the real star here, the beer selection is equally fantastic. They have 30-plus beers on draft with virtually every one foreign to this somewhat educated beer drinker.

Confused? Ask the bartender for some recommendations, and you will be sure to have something special, foreign and altogether unique to compliment your burger.

While the quirks of Father’s Office are plentiful, i.e. the lack of a single ketchup bottle for the tasty sweet potato and shoestring fries, these anomalies only add to the truly unique nature of this establishment. F-Off is as Angeleno as it gets. Do yourself a favor and pay a visit.

For more information, call (310) 736-2224 or visit fathersoffice.com.