West Hollywood isn’t typically known for its good ol’ boys bar scene. Fancy schmancy cocktails and pretentious, overpriced and underwhelming food seems to be more or less the norm in this area. But it’s Hollywood. We’re supposed to accept these things as part of the equation, right?  

Sometimes you just want to abandon the endless ego of the scene and just drink. Here’s where Red Rock flexes its muscles.

Walking in, the first thing I did was look back at the Sunset Strip behind me and scratch my head. This is Hollywood?

Red Rock, for better or worse, isn’t your typical Sunset Strip joint. The drinks are stiff and cheap, the food simple and tasty and the staff is, surprise, actually friendly. I got to sample two of Red Rock’s culinary claims to fame and both deserve the Fonzie thumbs up.  

Now, a buddy of mine is from Pittsburgh where their two religions are football and Buffalo wings. “Wow, they’re actually good, damn good” was the phrase I believe he uttered before a smirk and a grin came across his face upon sampling Red Rock’s famous wings.

My eyes were keener on the exquisite pizza that lay before me, and, upon tasting, my taste buds were just as stoked. The pizza here is phenomenal, hands down, and warrants an investment.

Red Rock features a half-off, seven days a week happy hour along with some other choice weekly specials like a comedy/acoustic night featuring an hour-long open vodka bar every Thursday for a small $5 admission charge.

Red Rock has an east coast sensibility combined with a flair and style that can only be found in Los Angeles. It represents a hidden diamond in the rough that deserves a standing O amidst the expensive and altogether underwhelming Sunset Strip drinking culture. I know I’ll be back for another go around quite soon.

For more information, call (310) 854-0710 or visit redrocksunset.com.