The name says it all, really. The Incredibles marks a stark change of course for Pixar: It’s the studio’s first people-centric film, and it’s as much a big-budget action film as a comedy. It’s impossible not to feel the change of tone – anyone who has seen and loved Director Brad Bird’s previous animated film, The Iron Giant, will immediately recognize his fingerprints on this one. Yet The Incredibles is still Pixar through and through: It’s funnier than pretty much any comedy, sweeter than any family film and as pound-for-pound witty as anything else out there. And it’s a gorgeous film to boot.

Extras: New short “Jack-Jack Attack,” short film “Boundin’” (with commentary and behind-the-scenes feature), two commentary tracks, bloopers, deleted/alternate scenes, dossiers, making-of features, tons more.

DVD Grade: A

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