Alfie the movie, like Alfie the cad (Jude Law), can easily be misunderstood and just as easily reviled. As separate bodies of work, each is self-absorbed and deep only to pedestrian degrees. But if you get Alfie – whether you know someone like him or see yourself in his shoes – you’ll get Alfie. You might even love it. You might even love him. Alfie is a polarizing film about what it means to take one too many people for granted, and that’s a mistake, cad or not, that few people haven’t made. The remake shares only passing similarities to the 1966 Michael Caine original: Both drink from the same cup, but each is a successful reflection of its respective time period.

Extras: Two crew commentary tracks, roundtable discussion, a handful of behind-the-scenes features and galleries, deleted scenes, more.

DVD Grade: B+

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