It’s time to head to the big game, and you’re in need of some libations. Last night you went a bit overboard on imbibing, and you’re tired of the same ol’ option: beer. You’re looking for something non-alcoholic and brand new.

You might want to try Code Blue Recovery Drink. Not only is it actually the color blue, but here are a few healthful facts on the vitamin-boosting beverage: It provides your body with electrolytes galore and contains Prickly Pear Fruit Extract and Agave Nectar, instead of sugar.

Another option is the Switch sparkling 100 percent juice that delivers 100 percent of the RDA Vitamin C and two fruit servings in each can. It’s also gluten free with no sugar added. Pick your passion: black cherry, orange tangerine, watermelon strawberry, fruit punch, kiwi berry or grape.

If you’re more a tea lover, Santa Cruz Organic offers lightly sweetened organic tea blends (green, white and black varieties) in lemon, peppermint, raspberry and mango flavors. They’ve also just launched a new product, TeaZer – available in raspberry, passionfruit, lemon and pear – that adds a touch of “sparkling” to the mix.

For celebrating your team’s victory, have R.W. Knudsen Family’s Sparkling Pomegranate handy. This tart and sweet (but not from sugar) bubbly is brimming with antioxidants. Other flavors offered are blueberry, cherry, cranberry, crispy apple, kosher grape, organic apple, organic pear and strawberry.

My favorite, however, is Natural Brew sodas. The site says it’s “brewed in small batches to allow the ingredients to blend together to form a full, rich flavor, without artificial additives and preservatives.” It’s delicious!

With choices ranging from Lemon Lime and Concord Grape to Ginseng Cola and Outrageous Ginger Ale, you get the satisfaction of a pop, but it’s just not as bad for you. For real tasty pleasure though, swish on the Vanilla Cream Soda or Draft Root Beer.