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n2rockk wrote about Film Screenings:
Hello, To all of the screeners, We all know that we have to arrive early if we want a good seat inside the theater. I am pretty sure that we have all saved spots in line for a friend at one time or another. Adam should not be critized for arriving early and saving a couple of spots in line. If you attend the screenings, we should be courteouse to each other and not be jealous or a hater just because someone shows up early and saves a spot or two in line. The rules never state that you can't show up early or save a place in line. Can't we all just get along?
Posted: 1:15pm | 4/27/2010

n2rockk wrote about the The Blind Side OC Film Screening:
Great movie. Very inspiring and heart warming. Sandrea Bullock was a little bit too tanned though. Thanks for the screening CC.
Posted: 11:48am | 11/18/2009

n2rockk wrote about Campus Circle Redesign Forums: What do you think of Campus Circle's new look?:
Hi Sean, I like the new look. It is very easy to navigate. Keep up the good work. Love the screenings.
Posted: 7:32am | 10/12/2009

n2rockk wrote about the Taking Woodstock OC Film Screening:
I liked the movie, but expected to see scenes from the actual event. For some reason the movie seemed alot longer than it was. I wish I could have attended Woodstock. What memories the people that attended must have. Thanks Campus Circle for another great screening.
Posted: 10:39am | 8/27/2009

n2rockk wrote about Film Screenings:
Good Morning Sean, thanks for the tickets to Julie and Julia. The movie was great. I love Meryl Streep, she is awesome in this movie. She must have practiced the accent of Childs alot to be able and sound just like her. LOVED IT! Keep up the good work.
Posted: 8:06am | 7/24/2009

n2rockk wrote about the Land of the Lost OC Film Screening:
I was disappointed in The Land of The Lost. I wanted it to be more like the series, but funnier. I love Will Ferrell, just not in this movie. Thank you Campus Circle, you saved me from waisting $8.00 for a movie ticket.
Posted: 9:20am | 6/5/2009

n2rockk wrote about Film Screenings:
Hello, thanks to a great freind, I got to screen Drag me to hell and I loved it. Keep up the good work Campus Circle.
Posted: 10:48am | 5/29/2009

n2rockk wrote about Film Screenings:
Good morning, thanks to a good friend, I got to attend the premiere of Terminator last night and I loved it.
Posted: 7:16am | 5/15/2009

n2rockk wrote about Film Screenings:
Are any Terminator passes still available from anyone? thank you.
Posted: 7:41am | 5/12/2009