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TheJacen wrote:
Happy New Year to Sean and All your Wonderful Minions. I wish you continued success in the coming year and that you and all your families are happy and healthy throughout.
Posted: 2:02am | 12/30/2009

TheJacen wrote about the Avatar Premiere Film Screening:
My thoughts and commments on Avatar. The visuals were out of this world. I feel bad for people who have to see the movie on an old screen because the screen i saw it on definitely detracted from the crispness of the film. Seeing this on Blue ray some day will be Incredible. The story was really lacking. I hate to say it but it is true. James named the ore they were mining on Pandora, "UnObtainium". I mean he had 15 years to think of a better name and that was what he went with....... But yeah the visuals, which is why we are going to see it, Are OUT of this World.
Posted: 12:23pm | 12/17/2009

TheJacen wrote about the Extract Premiere Film Screening:
Campus Circle Fans: Go See Extract if you like ANY of the Following: 1. Mike Judge (Office Space, King of the Hill, Beavis & Butthead) 2. Jason Bateman 3. Ben Affleck 4. Recreational Drug Use 5. To Laugh out loud 6. Feeling Bad at Other peoples expenses 7. You like to hate your Job. Plus a multitude of other scenarios that I can't possibly list. This movie seemed to start out kinda generic but QUICKLY became a squence Bizarre and Hillarious situations one right after another. The Only slight negative is that Gene Simmons is Really showing his age. But if you don't like it do as Gene says in the movie. "come over here and slam your b@!!s in this door" Seriously, This is one funny @$$ movie!!!
Posted: 10:39am | 8/25/2009

TheJacen wrote about the The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard Film Screening:
Sean, Thanks for another great Show! The Goods was Super funny. You are definitely a hard worker! I am surprised you were able to stop working long enough to enjoy the show. Looking forward to future screenings. Jacen
Posted: 10:21pm | 8/11/2009

TheJacen wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean, Here is the pic you asked for. I don't photograph well
Posted: 2:20pm | 8/9/2009

TheJacen wrote about the G.I. Joe Film Screening:
I Want To See This Movie SOOOOOOO BAD!!!! I think it is going to be so good I will have to see it twice!
Posted: 4:01pm | 7/31/2009

TheJacen wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean, First off, a little late but better then never, THANKS FOR THE BRUNO screener. It was super fun!!!!!!!! Next. We, as in the members of campus cirlce, believe in you and I personally would like to BEG you to get a screener set up for either/both G.I. Joe or District 9. You are the best!!!
Posted: 5:06pm | 7/22/2009

TheJacen wrote about Culture: Gary Baseman: La Noche De La Fusión:
Oh and the Costumes were Amazing and so was the art work. Forgot that Bit ;)
Posted: 11:12am | 7/21/2009

TheJacen wrote about Culture: Gary Baseman: La Noche De La Fusión:
I was at this Show. Gary went all out to make sure people got something. The carni games were hard but they were free!! so as long as you got to the back of the line you could try again. I walked away with a Print, A chou Mask, a bunch of pins and stickers, and a handmade book. An Awesome Night and I Can't wait for the next event!!!!
Posted: 11:11am | 7/21/2009