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Lyndatc wrote about the Dinner for Schmucks Film Screening:
who else is going to Dinner for Schmucks? I'll be there taking pictures of our members in line!
Posted: 12:50pm | 7/29/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Sports Forums: World Cup:
Well, USA is out :( Who will win tomorrow? Mexico vs Argentina Germany vs England
Posted: 8:53pm | 6/26/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Film: Jonah Hex:
Starkeee and tshappie win! can you email me a mailing address?
Posted: 1:43pm | 6/25/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Film: John Morris:
Anyone else get "something in their eye" at the end of this? Lol
Posted: 12:19pm | 6/25/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Film: Jonah Hex:
@TheBigA Haha good eye. This was a film interview, not a review though :p Did you see Jonah Hex via our screenings?
Posted: 12:18pm | 6/25/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Film: Jonah Hex:
Hey! Who enjoyed this movie and would like a Jonah Hex Comic Book? I'll pick two people who reply to this post to receive one from us.
Posted: 11:46am | 6/25/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Sports Forums: Laker Mania:
Ah, I know how you feel. It really is disappointing to hear the remarks about L.A.'s crazy Laker mobs (fans). But then again, that's when we turn right around and say SWEET SIXTEEN! :) See you next year at the parade.
Posted: 2:01pm | 6/24/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Culture: Zip Over to Catalina:
Someone wanna spot me $89? This looks so cool!
Posted: 12:34pm | 6/23/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Museums Forums: What is your favorite LA museum?:
Kat I love MoLAA! I interned there a few summers ago before I came to Campus Circle. We would take the summer camp kids to Fruitalandia a few blocks down for lunch and help them order in Spanish. Good times. Oh and so far, you're the only one entered to win a museum membership. All you gotta do is post!
Posted: 12:28pm | 6/23/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Sports Forums: Laker Mania:
As a personal note, I was by the USC campus for both game 7 and the parade...and it was madness. Check out our photo gallery from the parade
Posted: 12:26pm | 6/23/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Film Forums: Summer Movies 2010: What are you excited for?:
Last Airbender! I'll be there on Tuesday at the Mann Chinese 6 taking pictures of our members. Who else is going?
Posted: 12:22pm | 6/23/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey! Keep an eye on our forums...we're doing some giveaways there too!
Posted: 2:07pm | 6/22/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Film Screenings:
@ohhyahh Are you pumped for the anime expo?? (I read somewhere that you have the Last Airbender animes)
Posted: 11:52pm | 6/11/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Film Forums: What is the best film you have seen this summer?:
What about summer 2010 movies??
Posted: 10:38pm | 6/9/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Theatre: “The Blue Room”:
Hey Ginger, If you want to email me I can write back with her contact information. Our Editor in Chief said she would be happy to connect you.
Posted: 11:54am | 4/23/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Film Screenings:
It looks like we have a lot of people excited about The Losers. Just wanted to make sure you know about our sweeps.
Posted: 11:40am | 4/19/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Film: Date Night:
Hey CC peeps, enter to win your own “date night” courtesy of Campus Circle. A gift certificate to Susan Feniger's Street and a run-of-engagement pass for 2 to see Date Night in L.A. *note…shenanigans not included ;)
Posted: 12:18pm | 4/14/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Film: USC Trojan Marching Band Plays with "Glee":
Hey Adam, Thanks for the correction. Make sure to keep an eye out for the "drive-it" style, and let Campus Circle know what you think!
Posted: 10:54am | 4/12/2010

Lyndatc wrote about the Campus Circle Facebook Sweeps:
Hey all, the count as of right now is 2,962 fans. That's way more than halfway! invite your friends to fan us so we can give it out sooner. Seriously...the phone is just staring at me.
Posted: 10:49pm | 4/7/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Film Screenings:
@lclbruddah808 Thanks! Actually, this was our March 17th cover...sooo find an old Campus Circle? Lol, sorry I wouldn't know where to find one. I'll keep an eye out for ya though.
Posted: 11:06pm | 4/5/2010

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