What kind of muscles do girls like, and when do muscles become unattractive and gross? Please respond. You guys are a bunch of help. Thanks so much. Hope to hear from you soon!?


There’s no one rule when it comes to muscles. Some girls like beef cake guys with big ol’ guns. As for us, we like our guys skinny-fat with a side of noodle arms. Muscles usually aren’t a big deal to girls. The only message big muscles send is: “Oh great, I’m never gonna see this guy because he’ll be in the gym four hours a day.” Girls want to feel like a guy can protect them and open a can of spaghetti sauce if they can’t, but that has more to do with the fact that you’re a guy in general than the fact that you’ve got biceps the size of your head. So, don’t worry so much about the number of chest presses you do, cuz we don’t pay much attention.

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