HIM: Hi. I watched your video on how to get out of the friend zone. There is a girl that I am madly in love with, and she said we are just friends. But she told me she used to like me, but now she likes my best friend. So, we talked and she told me if she dated him she knew it would be short-term but she knew if she dated me it would be long-term and she cant decide, but I know she is leaning more to him. I need your help, please help me!?

WG: You know that saying that goes: If you love someone enough, set them free, if they come back to you, it’s meant to be? Well, usually we don’t like that saying, but it applies here.

She knows that you are the real deal and that if she chooses to date you, it’s serious business. For whatever reason, probably because she’s [young], she isn’t ready for a really serious thing right now. Maybe she has to have a few flings and get her heart broken and feel shitty before she realizes you’re the right person for her.

As hard as it is, you gotta look at the big picture and realize you can’t force her to be with you. It will only end badly for you guys. Be easy-breezy and let her know you want her to be happy and you want her to follow her heart and do what she needs to do right now. Also, know that if she doesn’t choose you now, then there’s a chance for you guys down the road when she’s ready for something real!

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