HER: I’m a girl and I love your videos – even though they’re meant for guys. I’m really confused because there is a friend of mine who’s a guy. We really are just friends and nothing even close to more than that has ever happened with us. We’re buddies. But recently, he got a girlfriend. Ever since, he has completely ignored me. He never calls me back, he always cancels plans and he acts like he doesn’t even know me anymore. Basically, it’s making me feel like shit. What is up with this dude??

WG: Hey, so your situation totally blows. We know, we’ve been there before. There are a bunch of guys out there who are really hard, hard up for SEX or any almost version of it. That’s fine; we’ve all been hard up in our lives, Wing Girls included. Great. Fabulous. Wonderful. Being hard up makes guys do all sorts of crazy ass shit, that’s OK too. Girls can accept that. What we can’t accept is when this hard-up dude finally gets laid, he abandons his previous life and is crazy rude to his former girl friends. No, not ex-girlfriends, in which case he shouldn’t be talking to them anyways, we’re talking his friends that are girls that have listened to him through thick and through thin. It’s just weird that penis insertion could make a guy who was previously super nicey-mcnice turn into a royal dick wad overnight. Baffling really. We thought that shit was supposed to make guys happier. We thought getting play makes guys feel right in the world, like helping old ladies across the street and shit. Unfortunately with some guys, we’ve noticed the exact opposite – they turn into massive assholes who think that because they found someone to get naked with, they don’t need anyone else.

“What? Someone who’ll watch ‘Family Guy’ with me and rub my balls? What more could I ask for in this life? Bye friends. Bye family. Bye hobbies, aspirations and goals. Bye Personality. And especially bye girls whom I was keeping around hoping that one day they would drunk-fuck me or something.”

Some guys are just keeping their girl friends around and being super nice because they want us to sleep with them one day. Or there are some guys that only need a girl to remind them what being around girls feels like. It’s like having a token Asian friend so you can have someone to order dim sum for you. Some guys just need one link to the lady world, and when they find a real girlfriend, they dump all their other friends with tits. The thing about this is, those girls actually thought you were real friends, and so she’s going to think that this sucks. ?So to all our boys who are on the verge of getting some action, don’t forget the rest of the world. Remember that being totally submerged in booby does not give you free asshole range. Also on a side note, remember that the girl that is sleeping with you does not find any of this behavior attractive. When she sees how easy it is to be your whole world, she wonders what’s wrong with you.

“How could someone abandon everything for me? He must not have anything going for himself.”

No one can be one person’s everything. Also in terms of time, if you spend every second with her she is going to be totally turned off. So, even if you would rather die, be nice to the people in your life and make time to hang out with your friends and family, no matter how much you’d rather be neck-deep in lady privates.?So, for you our friend, call him on his BS. Ask him if he was really only friends with you because he needed to be around someone who smelled clean for once. If that is all your friendship was, you deserve better. He probably secretly wanted to get in your skinny jeans, and you don’t need any more guys chasing your tail in your life. He’ll most likely come crawling back once he comes up for air, but hopefully by that time, you’ll have replaced him with someone better: a gay man.

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