People have got to be jokin’. OK, so this guy has been trying to get my friend to go on a date with him for months, months. She didn’t feel the connection, let alone any real sparks, but he did and was very persistent. She tried to be more open, with the gentle nudge of a certain Wing Girl, and she agreed to go out with him on a Friday night.

Meanwhile, just like everyone else, she was really busy with work and school and everything else and had a few fun things she was offered to do that night, including something for work, but she put this date first. So, this son of a motherless goat texts her Thursday night to say he had something Friday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. that might not last the whole time, that he had to attend and could she meet after? Are you serious? What is she – a call girl? Even prostitutes have schedules.

So, of course, she was pissed, and her friends all had plans. Anyways after that date, the guy tried to reschedule, and she was really hesitant, of course. And then he was giving her crap for not being into rescheduling.

She said they could talk on the phone, but he wouldn’t go for that. He insisted she go on a date with him. This guy should have just taken what he could get because it was his bad. He was lucky she even agreed on that.

Anyway, moral of the story is: Guys, if you are trying to get a girl to date you, and you have something else come up the same night, you better move heaven and earth to try to still go. And if that’s absolutely completely impossible, then be overly apologetic and make the next date totally open to whenever she can do it. Also, say this is not in your nature and take all the blame.

It’s hard for girls to trust you guys anyway, so really make an effort to repair it. Don’t doorbell ditch your date.

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