We’ve all said these things; maybe you’ve even said these things to someone. The truth is, if a girl likes you she will not say anything that may derail your possible relationship. She may have a “no guys with spider’s web tattoos policy,” but once she meets you her whole world changes, and she throws those rules out the window.

Look dude, a drunk dial at 1 a.m. asking you to come over and watch “90210” DVDs may get you a little oral, but if you really like her, that’s never going to be enough. You are better than that, most of the time, and you want someone who actually knows how kick-ass you are! Don’t waste your time with chicks who pull any of the following lines out on you, because what they really mean is it’s never gonna happen, not in any real way anyway.

1) “I only date black guys.” (Also see Jewish, Christian, white, Republicans, swimmers, etc.)

2) “I’m going through a very painful break-up.”

3) “I have a boyfriend.”

4) “I have a girlfriend.”

5) “You remind me of my brother.”

6) “I might be moving, and I don’t want to get attached to anyone.”

7) “I need to be single right now.”

8) “I’m doing a lot of house repairs/writing a screenplay/trying to get an agent, etc.”

9) “I’m afraid going out would ruin our friendship.”

10) “My sponsor says I can’t date till I finish step four.”

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