HIM: I’m really getting a lot of cues from your videos, and I’m a big fan of you. I have a question on one of your recent videos about what to say to questions about a past girlfriend. You said we shouldn’t say, “I never had a girlfriend.” In my experience, I found that you are right about that, but … what can I say if that’s the case? Should I lie?

I used to be a fat and shy boy. Then I overcame my shyness, and I [lost] a lot of weight (about 70 pounds). Now, I think that every girl who gets attracted to me is unable to understand my lack of previous relationships. It would be great to have a video on how someone who has changed based on your advice on how he can present his history to a potential girlfriend. You girls are very hard when you evaluate us. ;)

WG: Good question, and we’re not just saying that cuz you complimented us – even though that helps a little, not gonna lie. Here’s what you should say about your relationship history: Keep it vague! Even if you’ve never been within three-feet of a boobie in your life, say that you’ve “dated a few girls over the last couple of years.” You don’t have to get into more specifics than that. If she asks, “Well who have you dated?” Say, “One girl was long distance, one was in my (fill in the blank) class, one was a friend of a friend,” etc. And then you can say, “But I just wasn’t feeling it, so I broke it off.”

When you say something like this, it makes a girl think that you have standards too, and it raises your value a little bit in their eyes. Sometimes little white lies are the way to go. In fact, that’s our new motto – Wing Girls: Little White Lies & Little White Guys.

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