Concert Tickets: Nothing better than getting to see someone or a band you really love that you didn’t have the dough to throw down for. Also, this is a present for you! But make sure it’s someone she really loves, if she likes Taylor Swift (not sure why she would) then you shouldn’t get her tickets to Death Cab for Cutie (even though they are much, much better). Theater tickets would also work.

Memory Box: This is a box, either handmade or one you buy, that is decorated by you. Inside the box are memories you have had together, like movie tickets and locks of her hair from when you used to stalk her.

Activity: Bungee jumping or riding in a hot air balloon also can double as a gift for yourself. Something that is a once in a lifetime opportunity that she can say she did with you. Experiencing anything together never hurt a relationship.

Planned Trip: This is something you plan out that you know she’d like to do, like a trip to Napa or Santa Barbara for wine tasting. Or even a re-creation of your first date or a camping trip.

Engraved Jewelry: Jewelry that has your name on it or both of your initials is a dream gift for any girl. It’s super romantic and if it’s simple enough, it’s something she can wear every day! This is in lieu of that terrible twin tattoo you guys were gonna get on your necks last Christmas. Thank God for that Hep C scare.

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