For a first date all the way into your 90s, there is nothing better than a movie night with that special boo boo bear. The Wing Girls suggest a movie, then dinner. It gives you something to talk about while you’re getting yo grub on, especially for a first date or even when your relationship hits that “What do we have left to talk about?” phase.

1) Black Swan: If you haven’t seen this one, you must be living under a very big rock, but maybe there are some of you out there.

Date Potential: Any couple. It seems like a girl movie but it really isn’t, so you look like a hero taking her to this one. This movie is crazy, scary and sexy. No real love stuff in it, so you won’t feel awkward if you aren’t there yet. Perfect for a first date.

2) The Dilemma: Vince Vaughn really can’t go wrong in our book. We will admit we haven’t seen it yet, but plan on it this weekend.

Date Potential: Faithful couples only. Do not take a date to this movie if you have any cheating issues. It’s a movie about cheating, so the conversation will turn into your relationship later. Stay away. For faithful couples it’s a good choice for guys and girls.

3) Blue Valentine: This is an amazing movie about love, relationships and growing apart.

Date Potential: Strong relationships or couples ready to break up. This movie can be really heavy. A certain boyfriend has been rumored to be pretty bummed out by this movie, but a certain someone else didn’t care because she loved it so much. It definitely brings things up, so if you are open to that, it should be a good choice.

4) No Strings Attached: We haven’t seen this movie yet, but we don’t have to. We get it. It’s laughable that women are out there dying for friend peen, but we heard the dialogue is pretty funny.

Date Potential: Friends who want more. The movie is about turning friends into lovers. It could open a girl’s eyes to the cute but awkward guy right in front of her.

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