Street slang has been around since well, the street, and all of us want to be in the know and the now, knowing what to say and when to say it. Unfortunately some people don’t know exactly when or where to say these things and even worse, when to stop saying these things all together.

Catchphrases are cool, of course – we all got that memo a long time ago – but if I hear “I didn’t get that memo” one more time after this, it will not be “epic,” it’ll just be even more annoying. Here are some more words and phrases that should be stopped now or forever no longer hold their peace in pop culture.

1) Opening cans of whoop ass. Opening a can of whoop ass is, at this point, at the level of “Whoomp! There it is” on the annoying phrase meter. Sure, it was good for a few action movies, but when my neighbor said he was going to open a can of whoop ass when someone didn’t use the correct recycle bin last week, I knew it was time for the phrase (as well as my neighbor) to just stop. Open a dictionary and find a new phrase or a can of tuna – it won’t smell as bad as the stench of this played out phrase – and recycle that tuna can!

2) Its like crack to me, or it tastes like crack! As much as I do like tuna, cereal or fame from writing for Campus Circle, and as much as people LOVE their mocha chai latte or their vanilla almond grande mocha or whatever, I can safely assume that it is NOT like crack. I know you love your coffee and cocoa beans originally do play their part, but it’s not quite THAT much of an addiction. It doesn’t taste like crack, and unless you have made the switch from crack rocks to Starbucks, it’s not that cool to say these things. Being in the know with catchphrases is one thing, but acting like you know what crack is all about is a whole other can of worms (and possibly whoop ass).

3) Foodie. Everybody loves food – it’s delicious and gives us an excuse to gain weight with our BFF chocolate – but that doesn’t make us all “foodies.” Everybody’s a blogger these days and everyone likes to feel like their blog is special, but making up silly words just because you’re tasting food and have an opinion about it that the world needs to know doesn’t make you special, it makes you pompous and pretentious. I’m not going to eat or not eat something just because some person typed that I should or should not – especially when that person calls themselves a foodie. I think after hearing “foodie,” the abbreviation WTF? was started, and that abbreviation deserves four stars and to be recycled for all the people who call themselves foodies.

4) Izzles. Fo shizzle, this was the thing to do – adding izzle to already silly words – back in the day, but the downpour of izzles turned into annoying drizzles and now it’s just fizzled to the point of wanting to give a mizzle-excuse me, MUZZLE to whoever is still saying this. Rappers only look and sound cool saying nonsensical words because they’re rappers. We of the non-platinum album or platinum teeth variety on the other hand, just look and sound nonsensical saying these words, and the only reason our friends don’t call us out on this is because they are saying them (and sounding stupid) too! If Lil Wayne wasn’t Lil Wayne and you saw him on the street, admit it – you would think, “WTF is this dude saying?” But he is Lil Wayne, and he says whatever he wants and it’s cool, whether it makes sense or not. We can’t. It’s NOT COOL. Especially phrases like this from 2001. It’s almost as bad as the whoop-ass inducing “hammertime.”

5) I’m a DJ. Speaking of 2001, or the Hammer Times, remember when rappers and people getting the party started did more than pushed a button to play music and DIDN’T call themselves a DJ? Now our neighbors, bloggers, foodies and wannabe rappers – which is everyone – is a DJ. We know they’re not; I wish they would just stop saying it.