I like what Dan Bilzerian represents - adventure, guns, fast cars, an opulent lifestyle and hot women. Dan also has a really cute pussycat, and I love that too. So, when a box of his Alister for men (pronounced A-lister) products showed up for review, I was pretty excited. I’ve written about Alister before and love the shampoo ($19.00) and bodywash ($19.00). 

This time around Alister sent me a kit of skincare products along with its signature cologne ($65.00).  I started exploring the items with a splash of cologne on my neck. It had a pleasurable fragrance, and a short time later, it was driving my girl crazy. Why? Because not only do Alister products smell good, but they include Pheroboost - the company's proprietary blend of plant-based pheromone boosters. According to Alister, “Pheromone boosters help magnify your allure and draw others to you with eager openness. This pheromone-boosting cologne works with your own body's chemistry to increase attraction while smelling on-point.” And, customers agree as noted on the Alister website where the cologne’s fragrance and effect gets a review rating of 4.8 out of 5. 

The next item in the kit was a bar of Alister soap ($10.00). It’s a very manly looking all black bar and looks like charcoal molded into a soap with the cool Alister logo chiseled into it. The soap is plant-infused, deep-cleansing face and body soap that blends enticing and signature pheromone boosters with a fresh aroma that leaves you feeling energized and magnetic. Its robust formula lathers to a rich foam to wash away dirt and grime for healthy-looking skin. 

Since its inception in 2018, Bilzerian has continued to expand the Alister line.  There is now a shaving cream ($12.00) and post shave ($18.00) balm. Bilzerian has a beard so he doesn’t shave much. When he does shave, he most likely shaves dry with his Lile Knife like Sylvester Stallone used in First Blood. For the rest of us, the Alister shaving cream provides a nice smooth lubricant that works well with any razor. After you finish shaving, you can finish up with a couple of slaps of Alister Post Shave on your face.  This balm is a hydrating formula with confidence-building pheromones infused with skin ingredients including aloe vera, chamomile and cucumber extracts that provide a soothing feel.

One glimpse of Bilzerian’s Instagram page (with a whooping 39+ million followers), and you can see he lives a very seductive lifestyle, traveling and often partaking in outdoor adventure activities that leave him grimy at the end of the day. In addition, the damage to his skin due to the riggers of hanging out on his boat with models needed to be addressed. The result: Alister facial cleanser ($12.00) and facial moisturizer ($18.00).  The cleanser cleans dirt and oil from your pores as well as being infused with alluring pheromone boosters, salicylic acid and botanical extracts. The facial moisturizer hydrates, keeping your skin smooth. It is also infused with soothing aloe and salicylic acid, leaving skin primed in any setting. 

When Bilzerian conceived Alister, he used his military training to create a company that spoke to men and gave them an edge. In the military, you are always looking for an advantage through better training and equipment. The same applies for men hanging at bars and clubs looking to hook-up and stand out in a crowd of dudes. Alister provides that advantage with hair, body and skincare products that are made with quality ingredients including the company’s pheromone boosters. 

Looking for holiday gifts and stocking stuffers for the bros in your life? Click on Alister.co. The company offers free shipping for U.S. orders over $49.00 and a discount of 10% on select products if you subscribe to the company. Hell, if I can’t live like Dan Bilzerian, I certainly can smell like him. - Tim Kietel