Welcome to the dullest week in sports. With just about every professional sporting venue empty between Sunday night and Thursday afternoon, the quietest time in our sports calendar is a perfect time for reminiscences. Here in Los Angeles that means remembering Randy Newman.

He said it best: “I Love L.A.”

Oh sure, there are plenty of sports fans who do NOT love Los Angeles. Just ask the folks in Orlando. Heck, take a short drive down to “the O.C.” and ask the sports fans down there what they think of Los Angeles.

Yet, that is the point. Right now, the average L.A. sports fan has so much to love. How can anyone not be envious about what we have?

Excuse me for gloating, but here is a quick glance at what the city currently possesses: an NBA championship; new home to Blake Griffin; the best record in Major League Baseball; two great soccer players in David Beckham and Landon Donovan who are at each other’s throats; and, arguably, the greatest female professional basketball players in the world in Lisa Leslie and Candace Parker.

And that list does not include UCLA basketball or USC football, two of the greatest (and still very relevant) collegiate programs in their respective sports.

OK, so the closest NFL franchise is about 200 miles away. Who needs one, especially when we have all the lovely things listed above?

How many cities can claim all the above accolades, as well as provide residential addresses to some of the biggest personalities in sports who also double as current or potential Hall of Famers such as Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Joe Torre, Manny Ramirez, Pete Carroll, Ben Howland, Leslie, Parker, Beckham and Donovan, among others.

I can go on and on, but you get the point. When it comes to the complete sports package, sports fans in Los Angeles have it all.