The Brit had to know it was coming.

He was told to “Go Home, Fraud” by the Galaxy town crier, err, I mean the L.A. Riot Squad. They jumped on their high horses and trotted around the Home Depot Center yelling, “Here Before You. Here After You. Here Despite You” and “23: Repel.”

So much for the match between the Galaxy and AC Milan on Sunday being labeled as “international friendly,” eh?

It was supposed to be the game where, in his first game in Los Angeles since leaving for Italy on a “loan,” David “Becks” Beckham made his case to American soccer fans for redemption.

Redemption came in the form of a derogatory act. And a glare!

First, the derogatory act: a shocking gesture.

It was just about halftime. The official announced one minute of extra time before the break. AC Milan had a corner kick in front of the L.A. Riot Squad, who are perfectly situated to taunt anyone, friend or foe, who dared come to their angled location.

As Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (“Ronaldinho”) prepared for his corner kick, Becks approached the AC Milan star to play some defense. The raucous fan group saw this as an opportunity to escalate their jeers and taunts toward the Brit.

Becks must have heard something he did not like, as he glanced over to members of the L.A. Riot Squad, raised his right arm and flipped them the bird.

That’s right, a little middle finger action for those neigh-sayers.

Halftime arrived just seconds after Ronaldinho’s corner kick. Both teams headed toward the tunnel to each respective locker room. Of course, the tunnel is within a stone’s throw of where members of the L.A. Riot Squad reside. Naturally, they would continue to attempt to berate Becks before he disappeared into the tunnel.

Apparently, one fan berated too much.

As his teammates filed into the tunnel, Becks strolled over to the special fan section to have a chat with this fan.

“One of the guys was saying things that wasn’t very nice,” Becks said after the game. “I said, ‘You need to calm down and come shake my hand,’ and he jumped over.”

Save for Ronaldinho and some security guards who subdued and (eventually) arrested the fan, Becks may have actually thrown down. Ultimately, calmer minds prevailed and there were no fisticuffs. However, there was a glare to complete the redemption.

That glare came in the 65th minute. Becks returned to hostile grounds, as he would attempt a corner kick just a few feet away from the L.A. Riot Squad. Amidst the jeers, Becks calmly ignored the fans. Trailing 2-1, he just focused on setting up the equalizer.

Set up he did.

In signature form, Becks bended it like Beckham and found Alan Gordon ready to guide the ball into the net. The game was tied.

Before the ball ricocheted off the back of the net and back onto the grass, Becks had already spun around 180 degrees to face his nemesis. He just glared.

The Brit had the last word.

When Becks took the field late Sunday afternoon, jeers cascaded down from the stands and into his ears.

When Becks left the field at halftime, he almost transformed into a street fighter.

When Becks returned to the field after halftime, he heard more cheers than jeers.

When Becks walked off the field in the 75th minute, he raised his arms and clapped his hands above his head, acknowledging the standing ovation he just earned.

Crossing over the white line separating the field of play from the Galaxy bench, Becks was greeted by his head coach, Bruce Arena, with a handshake and a hug.

The Brit knew it was coming all along.