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Title Headline Issue Year
'Forbidden Notebook' by Alba de Céspedes, translated from Italian by Ann Goldstein: 2023
'Cinema Speculation' by Quentin Tarantino: 2023
Quentin Tarantino flips the script with ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ novel: 2021
How Black soldiers helped end the US Civil War: 2021
6 books on diversity, equity and inclusion: 2021
An isolated estate, odd residents and a deliciously creepy debut: 2020
The lies and mistakes that led us into Iraq, laid out in a new book: 2020
‘The King of Confidence,’ by Miles Harvey: 2020
‘When Truth Mattered’: The editor whose paper covered the Kent State shootings looks back 50 years: 2020
In her haunting memoir, Carmen Maria Machado tackles abuse in queer relationships: 2020
Tesla’s unvarnished story in electric detail: 2019
Howard Stern the great… listener? Interviews that define the evolution of pop culture: 2019
Meltzer’s nonfiction ‘The First Conspiracy’ unravels secret plot to kill George Washington: 2019
Bill Cunningham’s fashionable life recalled in two new books: 2018
Cuba: The Cookbook: 2018
An inside glimpse into what it means to be a female writer and showrunner in Hollywood: 2018
Four new biographies introduce us to remarkable people: 2018
Three new books celebrate the homes of other cultures: 2018
Trap Kitchen - Bangin' Recipes From Compton: 2018
In ‘France Is a Feast,’ Paul Child steps out from Julia’s shadow: 2017
Matthew Weiner takes a break from TV success with a suspenseful new book: 2017
The Branding of the American Mind: How colleges & universities turn student researchers into profit: 2017