I’ve come to realize that headphones are pretty essential in most people’s lives. We listen to music, watch movies on our computers and let’s not forget the importance of headphones while driving.

In 2006, chicBuds, a fashion-forward headphone company, teamed up with Swarovski Crystals to produce “a sweet treat for your ears” earphone line featuring retractable ear candy-inspired “flavors” like Marshmallow clear colored headphones and the blue Blueberry editions. chicBuds headphones are lightweight and convenient, particularly because of the cord that doesn’t catch on to other things. For the most part, I keep my earphones in my purse, so the retractable feature was especially important to me.  

Besides the retractable version, chicBuds offers a plethora of earphone options, like the DJ Sport headphones, appropriately named Rockbuds. These work best for computer use and traveling. Though the headphones are featherweight, the insulated bass sound is deep and rich. I don’t believe these are noise-canceling, but I definitely did not hear much around me while I used them.

I like that you can easily fold up the phones for easy transport. chicBuds even sells an adorable retro cassette speaker, a small vintage looking cassette tape that is actually a mini speaker. It provides up to twp hours of static free sound and comes with a stereo and USB cable.

The chicBuds line is extremely fashionable with the products coming in different vibrant colors. My sport phones are the colors of the Jamaican flag, and I can’t wait to show them off at the pool or beach. None of the chicBud products go over the affordable price of $50, making these not only a budget friendly investment, but fashionably chic.

For more information, visit chicbuds.com.