A transplant from Paris, the Make Up For Ever boutique in Los Angeles is the second flagship launched in the United States. However, this isn’t your average beauty boutique; the two biggest things that set it apart from other makeup stores are its customer-friendliness and its interactivity.

According to their official website, “The L.A. Boutique offers clients a unique shopping experience that truly brings the brand’s passion for artistry and education to life.” My recent visit to the store is a true testament of that! I learned so much about makeup from the staff and professional makeup artists there, and emerged from the boutique full of all new knowledge!

Upon arrival, the full range of Make Up For Ever products displayed in the store enraptured me right away. The extensive shade assortment forms a very colorful and pleasant sight. Combined with the upbeat music blasting through the speakers, it made me feel like I was being transported to a makeup wonderland. From all the usual products, like eyeliner and mascara, to the special-effect products like “human flesh” and “human blood” (there are three different types!), this boutique has it all –every makeup product that you can possibly think of, as well as ones that you might have never imagined!

Alongside with having an array of great products, the staff is super-friendly and nice to interact with. During the tour, they graciously introduced me to the special features of the boutique, including the interactive Smart Board, “Pro Atelier” space, Video Make Up Lesson Recording Studio, and my favorite, the Makeup School.

In addition, iPads charged with thousands of beautiful inspiring pictures spinning on rotation are provided to help you decide on a make-up look. (The iPads are also more than welcome to be used by the boyfriends who are dragged to the store by their other halves.) Pre-made charts and a wide variety of magazines are available for inspiration as well. Undoubtedly, these features have all built Make Up For Ever into a very interactive and educational place.

The Smart Board looks like a regular white board at first glance, but it is actually an interactive touch screen complete with a variety of makeup looks and face charts that show customers how to do makeup. For instance, the Smart Board will certainly come in handy when you want to go over how to draw eyeliner, but you do not want to try it on yourself. With this smarty, you can simply do it on the face chart with the actual Make Up For Ever colors available! Plus, you can jot down comments on the side with the pen attached to the board.

The “Pro Atelier” is a space for professional makeup artists to bring in their famous clients who like a little privacy. This space allows both the makeup artist and his/her client to work in an undisturbed environment. There are also shelves at the back of the area to store their cosmetic gear.

The Video Make Up Lesson Recording Studio is an interactive video system that provides customers a wonderful opportunity to have tailored tutorials with a professional makeup artist. This feature is especially awesome for people who lack a good memory, as you can take this recorded lesson “to go” by purchasing a custom Make Up For Ever USB. In this way, you can practice those skills over and over until you are well-versed with them.

Last but not least, the Makeup School, which I got to experience first-hand! There are two kinds of lessons to choose from: 1) Focus Lessons, which focus on one particular area of the face as per your choice, and it is complimentary with a $40 product purchase; 2) Build a Lesson, during which you can choose to learn about complexion, eyes, lips or others, and it is complimentary with a $120 product purchase.

These lessons really cater to the needs of customers. Each makeup lesson is centered on one question: What do you (the customer) want to get out of this lesson? Based on the answer, they will try their best to tailor it and meet the client’s wants.

On top of being extremely friendly and personable, the makeup artist who gave me the lesson was very professional too. Judging from her comprehensive knowledge of cosmetic products and her familiarity with how to apply them, it is clear that she is an expert in this field! She told me that they can do any kind of makeup: from bridal makeup to drag show makeup and anything in between. After the lesson, I definitely feel more equipped in the complexion department. I have had a few failed attempts in learning how to contour my face from watching online makeup tutorials; luckily, I finally gained the skills and learned how to do it from this lesson!

Whether you are a makeup aficionado or a makeup beginner who wants to be more educated about makeup, this mind-blowing boutique has got you covered! The Make Up Forever L.A. Boutique gives you a unique beauty experience that you have likely never expected from visiting a makeup store! See you there soon!

The Make Up Forever L.A. Boutique is located at 132 S. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles. To learn more about their products and services, call  (310) 289-1758 or visit makeupforeverusa.com.