Just like any other season, despite the cold, a lot of females strive to look cute and stylish during the wintertime. As a college student, dressing warm and comfy are equally important since you don’t want to risk getting sick and miss an exam because you were wearing something adorable but light. Based on my observation, here are the staples that can help you to dress warm and look hot on campus at the same time!

1. Leggings
Leggings are like the sexier version of sweatpants. They allow you to enjoy amazing comfort that few other pants (besides sweatpants) can provide and still show off your legs. The best is that they go along with almost any kind of shoe - from heels and boots to sneakers, and their prices are inexpensive. Hallelujah for another item that helps students save money!

2. Oversized sweaters
They are the best tops to be paired with leggings, and they look flattering on all body types. Wear them with leggings and boots, and you can perfect the sexy, laid-back and seemingly effortless look - even during the coldest days. Their affordable prices may explain their popularity gained among college students. Thrift stores carry an abundance of oversized sweaters in a large variety that cost under $10.

3. Faux leather jacket
A real leather jacket may be way out of the budget for most college students. But, a faux one can do the trick as well! I once got a faux leather jacket from Forever 21, and it only costs around $20. Adding a leather jacket to any look you are sporting will instantly give you an edge. For example, I have seen many girls wearing a feminine dress with a leather jacket. So, balance out the hardness of the leather jacket with the softness of a dress.

For college guys, the trend this winter is all about being classy, simple and a little bit preppy. Looks like that have been repeatedly spotted on a lot of my guy friends, as well as guys across campus.
To achieve this look, avoid displaying more than three colors on your body. Under many circumstances, don’t bother to wear flashy watches, statement necklaces, big scarves, etc. You are a college student after all, so, play your part by dressing like one.

Many guys have the false perception that wearing brightly colored shirts/jeans/pants will capture attention and make you seem confident. However, in reality, it would easily make you come off as a clown instead. Furthermore, many female college students that I talked to prefer guys that sport a clean and classic look. Preppy staples, such as the following items, will help you look effortlessly fashionable.

1. Cardigans/sweaters.
Pick one in a basic and solid color: black, grey, deep blue, brown, etc. You can even go for details like buttons or a shawl-collar. Make sure to include these colors in your outfit to complement the cold and chilly weather.

2. Medium or dark-wash skinny jeans
Yes! These jeans have held on tightly to another season, and it doesn’t look like they are going to go away any time soon. On top of being in season, you can pair them with basically anything, and this point is definitely attractive to the majority of college students that are living on a frugal budget.

3. Waterproof coat/jackets
Making a huge return this year, I have seen countless of college students wearing waterproof coats and jackets. They are great if you are going for a sportier look but still want to look composed. Unlike many other sporty outwear that have the tendency to give off a sloppy vibe, these jackets certainly don’t. Look for the ones that are more fitted, so that people will not think that you are “hitting the gym.”

Lastly, there is one more golden rule: Add a pop of bright color (just a pop!) to your outfit. To incorporate bright colors subtly into your look, rock a pair of bright and bold color shoes. Boat shoes are so in this winter. High tops shoes are another good option. They polish your entire outfit while making a big statement.

Another way to add color is to wear a bright cap. And to kick your style up a notch, match the color of your cap with your shoes. This will certainly help you to stand out from any crowd!