Let’s face it: the thought of attending class in what we wore to bed the night before has crossed everyone’s mind at one point or another. However, it has remained to be a daring idea to most (since doing that is like committing social suicide). So, where does that leave us on those days when we desperately need to sneak in a few more minutes of sleep? We roll out of bed, put on the first thing we see in the closet and hope that we still look great – except we don’t.

Here is the good news: looking good for class does not necessarily mean you have to sacrifice 30 minutes of your beauty sleep to get ready. The following fall staples and key pieces will allow you to leave your apartment or dorm looking fabulous in just a few minutes.

1. Boots (of various lengths)
I am not talking about the UGG-type boots here. Go for leather (or leather-like materials) boots. Ideally, it is best to own at least one pair of each length: thigh-high, knee-length and ankle. Thigh-high boots look great with simple cut dresses, while knee-length spices up your old boring long jeans. Ankle-length will give you that laidback and carefree vibe when paired with shorts, a graphic tee or an open plaid shirt. Pick ankle boots if you are only able get one pair, as the feel it gives off complies well with the hipster style that is trending this season! 

2. Maxi dresses/skirts
Most people leave behind maxi dresses and skirts along with their flings in the memories of summer, and that’s exactly why you should wear them in the fall to stand out from the crowd. Unlike those short-lived flings, this is a trend that can definitely be carried over from summer to fall.

In order to make such a summery dress appropriate for fall, you may simply pair a leather jacket with the same maxi dress you have been wearing all summer long, or throw an oversized sweater over it for a bohemian look. Maxi dresses and skirts are not restricted by occasions either.

To transform a beachy maxi dress into something that is suitable for more formal occasions, add a dark color blazer, a sophisticated chunky statement necklace, and replace sandals with high heels or wedges. Finish off the look with a solid black handbag or clutch. Another way to “formalize” a beachy maxi dress is to top it with a blouse and tuck the tail of the blouse under a thick leather belt for a slimming and stylish effect. 

3. Vertical black and white striped bottoms
This is pretty self-explanatory. If you have ever seen someone wearing a piece with vertical black and white stripes before, you would know how striking and eye catching these stripes are. There aren’t exactly any rules on how to wear them, but they work best with basic tops. Pair them with a simple black scoop neck top to look unique and trendy effortlessly on a lazy day.

4. Oversized sweaters
Yes, once again, sweaters have to be oversized this season! This trend just never seems to be going out of style. They are casual, warm, sexy, hipster-ish, and above all, comfortable! Here’s something new you can try with styling oversized sweater this fall: pair an oversized sweater with a flowy A-line skirt to achieve the trending hipster meets preppy style.

5. Sneaker wedges
Conventionally, sneakers are seen as non-feminine and maybe even grungy to some. But, it’s a whole different story when wedges are added to them. These sneakers are usually infused with more feminine designs and colors than the traditional ones. These darlings are more girly and romantic than you could ever imagine sneakers to be. From my observation, monochrome sneaker wedges are actually in the minority.

If you are normally conservative when it comes to fashion, challenge yourself and pick a pair that is composed by at least two to three colors. They will look great with any sporty pants, shorts, leggings or even skinny jeans. However, avoid pairing them with a preppy outfit. Some things are just not cut out for each other.

Gojane.com has a variety of affordable wedges, with most less than $50 and the cheapest pair at $10.95! Sneaker wedges provide a win-win situation: you won’t have to sacrifice your hard-earned money or comfort to play up the sporty appeal in an unconventional and girly way.