Untitled Document Movie night with that special person can lead to a very romantic evening – one that leaves the entire room a complete mess. Because, when romance ends up a little messy, isn’t it the best kind? The following films are absolutely guaranteed to set the mood to get the juices flowing in all the right places.


Pottery-making was never portrayed more erotically in any film before or since. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore sizzle in this romantic-action-fantasy that often leave even men in tears or at least a little choked up.

This film proves that really less is more, there’s really no need for an expensive dinner or gifts. Candlelight, soft music and some clay can be the ingredients for a perfect evening.


You know your man loves you if he’ll sit still for this melodramatic epic that pairs Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Yes, it’s hot for women, and dull at times for men, but it’s only 123 minutes until the credits roll and you’ll be rolling with the person next to you, so sit back and enjoy.


Fate intervenes in the lives of John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. Cusack is simply shopping for a Christmas gift for his fiancé when he meets – the one! Or is she?

That’s what he wants to find out as he begins a nationwide search. As Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything, Cusack melted teenage hearts and here he proves that being a hopeless romantic is something women just cannot resist.


Sure, Billy Crystal is no looker, but Meg Ryan more than makes up in the beauty department in this epic romantic comedy that made it okay for women to orgasm in public. And it’s about time!


Bill Murray has the uncanny ability to woo women with his biting sense of humor, which is a lesson most men would benefit from learning. This fantasy-comedy-romance allows Bill to relive the same day over and over until he finally becomes less of a jerk and more of the man that Andie MacDowell is really looking for. It’s sweet fun all-around.


It’s said that men desire both the virgin and the whore. In Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts plays both as Vivian, an actual Hollywood prostitute, who deep down, is just an innocent girl just trying to make her way in the world. Richard Gere is her millionaire knight in shining armor.

The onscreen chemistry between the two is undeniable in this must-see modern romantic fable. And you can see the two go at it again in Runaway Bride.


It’s no secret that women love men who can nurture a child. Hugh Grant plays an unscrupulous man who poses as a single dad to bag unsuspecting women. The real twist is when the young boy teaches Grant how to be a real man.


Death learns how to love as Brad Pitt plays Joe Black, basically Death coming to visit Anthony Hopkins. Things get complicated when Claire Forlani enters the picture giving Mr. Black reason to question his own motives.

There’s no doubt that chicks dig Pitt, so let them and just enjoy the opening scene in which Brad is mercilessly run down by a slew of cars.


I don’t care what anyone says, Janeane Garofalo in glasses is way hotter than Uma Thurman any day. I may be in the minority on this one, but glasses are just sexy.

Anyway, this tale of pets and mistaken identity is cute to the core.


Nicholas Cage’s character faced a choice – stay with his high school sweetheart or take the job of his dreams. He took the job. But, what if he had stayed with his girlfriend?

Well, he gets to find out in a twist of fate. Jeremy Piven provides welcome comic relief as the perfectly annoying best friend. It’s a sappy holiday tale that will warm even the coldest heart.


Steve Martin has a really, really big nose in this modern update of Cyrano De Bergerac. Martin fills in as words behind Chris who falls for Roxanne (Daryl Hannah).

Little does Chris know, Martin’s words are what Roxanne is really falling for. Let that be comfort to all of us ugly guys who are really well-spoken.


Julia Roberts has a smile that could stop traffic and that toothy grin is in full bloom in this wildly unrealistic, but completely enjoyable comedy. However, as likeable as Roberts is, the entire cast is completely upstaged by Rupert Everett, who is sadly, unavailable.


Meg Ryan is just too damn cute for her own good and when paired with the most likable movie star of our time, Tom Hanks, the result is romantic gold in the shape of a heart.

In Sleepless, the two have only one scene together but this story of longing will leave your heart warm. Mail pits the two as rival booksellers who find common ground in the end.

What you’ll find with these two films is the perfect double feature for an evenin’ of lovin’.