I am a 26-year-old male grad student. I have been hanging out with one my professors who is in her early 40s and good looking. One night we went to a local club, had too much to drink, then ended up spending the night together. We both agreed that it was a mistake. I’ve recently been hanging out with her daughter who is a gorgeous 19-year-old. We hit it off and I’d like to start dating her. Am I getting in over my head?

—Carlos, Los Angeles

Ed Sloan and Mitch James, Crossfade
: You should not be trying out the mom and then the daughter. This is not a good idea, unless you really like drama. We tend to run the other way from drama. But if the mom is hot and possible freaky, it might be worth it to take that "class" again.

Love Doc: Wow, you did a double whammy in the family. If you’re crazy enough (or the daughter is gorgeous enough) to take the plunge into trying this out, you need to talk to her mom first. Let her know that you’re interested in her daughter and would like to date her. If she responds by calling you a f*%$ing b$%^&d and throwing a few dishes at you, you might think twice about this idea. If she’s cool with it, I still think it’s a crazy idea. And no, that threesome is not going to happen.

I have a crush on my cousin. The worst thing is, the feeling is mutual and well reciprocated. The question is, where can this go?

—Joshua, Venice

Ed and James, Crossfade
: This can go no further. Move far away until you find someone new. Only second cousins once removed would be OK to date, or if they’re really, really, really good-looking (insert the "Magnum" or "Blue Steel" here!).

Love Doc: What’s with all this inter-family dating? If she’s a close cousin of yours, that’s just weird. The truth is, the relationship won’t go very far unless you plan to dump your family and move to a tropical island, because they’ll think it’s weird too. Maybe you need to take your hormones and spend a little less time at the family barbecues and a little more time studying with cute girls at school. Picking up girls at family functions is just not right.

My boyfriend and I love each other very much. Even though we haven't been together that long, our relationship has progressed quickly. We now live together. Whenever we’re apart from each other, we miss each other so much that we both find that we can’t function without the other. Is this healthy? Do you think this feeling will eventually go away?

—Sarah, Torrance

Ed and James, Crossfade
: Don’t worry too much about it. This feeling will most definitely pass. Even if for some reason it doesn’t, pretty soon you’ll be too broke to hang out anyway. Believe us!

Love Doc: Sarah, you’re having that "cloud nine" feeling that we all get when we first fall in love. After about six months or so, you’ll be taking a quick dive off the cloud and landing hard on your ass. You’ll find that he does fart in bed, eat off your plate and has an eye twitch – but it’s just not cute anymore. When that happens, you may still love him (despite his bizarre eye twitch) but you’ll be able to concentrate again and get back to work. No worries.

— Compiled by Mari Fong

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