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Kim Kardashian: Hollywood App—It's Incredibly Addicting but a HUGE Waste of Time

By Astrid Delgado
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood App—It's Incredibly Addicting but a HUGE Waste of Time
(Credit: Facebook/KimKardashianHollywoodGame)

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If you haven’t heard, Kim Kardashian got animated.

That’s right, the brunette glamour girl is now not only haunting us with her reality TV show ("Keeping Up with the Kardashians"), but she is now also getting us addicted to her animated version through her new app, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

The app has users playing to get to Kardashian stardom by completing tasks such as posing for photo shoots (her famous second income), walking red carpets and so on, all while styling themselves for the paparazzi. Of course, because Kardashian’s life as a pseudo-celebrity is sooooo exhausting, the user must keep track of the energy bolts they have and try not to run out of them, so they can continue doing their tasks.

Think of it as an app similar to Campus Life, The Sims or even more similarly, Stardom Hollywood (which is made by Glu Games, the same company that makes Kardashian’s app). The only twist here is that it features a celebrity—well, if you can call Kardashian that.

However, as much as she may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the game is very much addicting. It doesn’t matter if your real-life aspiration is to climb up the celebrity world latter or if you could care less about any of that, the game draws you in by offering a little escape from life. It is also predicted to make the company $200 million, if you can believe that, which indicates its addiction powers might be pretty hard to resist once you download it and play a few times.

With that being said, if you haven't downloaded it yet, good! You may have just saved yourself from the anxiety of not having enough energy and wasted hours that could've been better spent actually doing something, like becoming a real life celebrity or you know, living.

Article posted on 7/16/2014
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