First it was Kim Kardashian, and now Lindsay Lohan has a gaming app where you can play to become famous. You're probably thinking, Great. Another narcissistic celebrity has a mobile game to remind us that her life is oh-so fabulous.

But that's not the case with Lohan's game. In this game, YOU can become the narcissistic celebrity. So much better, right?

In Lohan's The Price of Fame, your job is to make yourself famous. You create a virtual self that can purchase outfits, accessories, toys and even pets. Just don't take this game too seriously; it's supposed to be a parody on celebrity culture and paparazzi.

The troubled yet infamous starlet announced Friday The Price of Fame is available now in the App Store, in Google Play and at Amazon.

"I love this game and am happy to be part of it. It's so much fun!" said Lohan in a press release.

Kardashian's game, which launched earlier this summer, has been incredibly successful. It reportedly makes $700,000 a day, and it's predicted that it will gross $200 million in its first year. Sure, Kardashian's brand, TV show and overall popularity is a huge reason why the app is doing amazing, so can we expect the same success for Lohan's venture? We doubt it, but only time will tell.