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LOOK: 5 Food Trucks You Have to Visit at L.A.’s Made in America Festival!

By Sydney Champion
LOOK: 5 Food Trucks You Have to Visit at L.A.’s Made in America Festival!
Budweiser Made in America Festival
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Jay Z's Budweiser Made in America Festival is set to hit Los Angeles Labor Day Weekend (Aug. 30-31) and will be serving up a hot music lineup that includes Kanye West, Iggy Azalea, Imagine Dragons, Kendrick Lamar, John Mayer, Imagine Dragons and more.

However, festival-goers should also expect some amazing food items on the lineup as well!

L.A. is known for its food truck culture and at Made in America, attendees will have the opportunity to taste some of the best food trucks in and out of town. Asia, American, Mexican -- these food trucks will surely satisfy all of your cravings.

What to Order: Carnitas Fries, Hanger Steak Asian Tacos & Veggies
Why: Seriously, who doesn’t love Carnitas Fries? These fries are topped with slow-roasted pulled pork, fresh lime guacamole, chipotle honey slaw, crema and cotija cheese.

And if that doesn’t get your salivary glands working overtime, try the Hanger Steak Asian Tacos! These tacos include marinated hanger steak, Asian slaw and homemade wontons. Tacos are always easy to eat while walking around enjoying the music.

There’s also the delicious veggies, like the roasted corn with its Sriracha lime remoulade and cotija cheese.

What to Order: Bacon Wrapped Hawaiian Terrier-ki Dog, TDS Original “Yakiniku” Loaded Fries & Lychee Lemonade with Real Fruit
Why: The Hawaiian Terrier-ki Dog is one of their signature fusion hot dogs and the top seller.

Plus, you can seriously never go wrong with a great, heaping pile of loaded fries! The “Yakiniku” fries contain juicy grilled Yakiniku beef and melted mozzarella cheese on Aonori Umami Dust Fries.

And lastly, you can bet it’s going to be hot Labor Day Weekend in L.A., especially at an outdoors music festival. So, cool down and refresh with a cup of Lychee Lemonade.

What to Order: Connecticut Lobster Roll, Lobster Quesadillas & Shrimp and Lobster Tacos
Why: Their Connecticut Lobster Rolls are their No. 1 seller, and it’s easy to understand why: they contain fresh Maine lobster meat (sautéed in butter) with lemon-butter drizzled on top—none of that celery or lettuce crap.

The Lobster Quesadillas combine Maine Lobster with cheesy goodness and fresh pico de gallo and taco sauce; it was even featured on the “Today Show!”

L.A. might be known for its tacos, but trust and believe you haven’t had tacos quite like Cousins Maine Lobster’s shrimp and lobster tacos. You get three tacos per order, and they include cabbage, Maine shrimp or lobster, pico de gallo and their special taco sauce.

What to Order: Diablo Burger, Buff Pig Mac & WACHOS
Why: First of all, The Lobos Truck has been serving some of the best comfort food in L.A. and Orange County for awhile now!

Its Buff Pig Mac (mac n’ cheese with wings and bacon) is soul warming and too good to pass up.

Meanwhile, the Diablo Burges is 1/3 pound of American Kobe beef, caramelized onion, melted cheddar and jack cheese, romaine, tomato, garlic aioli and Diablo (super spicy!) sauce on a toasted brioche bun— it's mouth-watering good!

And then you have WACHOS, not your typical nachos at all! These are The Lobos Truck’s trademarked waffle fry nachos that come in a variety of flavors such as Green Dragon, Buff, OG and Cheesy Ranch.

What to Order: Rice Balls, Korean Tacos & Sushi Wraps
Why: This food truck’s name is oh-so fitting. Rice Balls of Fire is famous for its, well, rice balls! Their sushi rice balls contain large amounts of spicy tuna, live uni, live lobster, soft shell crab and more. But there are also the regular balls that include rib-eye steak, spicy pork, pork belly, BBQ chicken, grilled salmon and much more.

Korean tacos are always luxury menu items, and Rice Balls of Fire’s tacos come in five different options with onions, cilantro and kimchi slaw. They. Are. To. Die. For.

Sushi wraps are kind of similar to burritos in the way they’re wrapped, except these contain sushi, rice and veggies!

So eat up, drink up, and be prepared to treat your ear (and taste!) buds at L.A.'s first-ever Made in America festival.

Article posted on 8/25/2014
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I can vouch for the manhattan cafe havana.. used to live on the east coast and adored this place. I missed a flight back to the west coast because I refused to leave NYC without getting my corn. I hope the west coast restaurants are as great as the NYC one. I have stood in line for my corn, eaten it in the street and enjoyed every single moment of it.
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