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New Summer Show Alert: 'Backpackers' Arrives on CW Monday Night

By Nina Soleimani
New Summer Show Alert: 'Backpackers' Arrives on CW Monday Night
(Credit: Facebook/BackpackersTheSeries)

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Ever dreamed of going on an epic vacation with your friends, backpacking through Europe and just enjoying the wonders of life? If you never got that chance, now you can live vicariously through the characters in the upcoming CW show "Backpackers."

Although originally a CW Seed show and Web series, "Backpackers" is now on the network's regular lineup.

The Canadian sitcom is about best friends Ryan (Noah Reid) and Brandon (Dillon Casey) who decide to take a last-minute journey through Europe to find Ryan's missing soon-to-be bride. However, trouble ensues when Ryan’s treasured journal gets stolen. 

From Thailand through Canada, the two buds search for Ryan's journal and future wife, and along the way they discover the true realities behind life’s wonders of love, the party life and more.

According to Newsday, the show does feature original comedy and drama, with the Eiffel Tower, European soccer, young hot chicks and Italian trains.

Meanwhile, Los Anegles Times' Robert Lloyd says, "Europe starts to seem like just a changing landscape of electronic dance music and beer, peopled by good-looking women ready to go off with a couple of wild and crazy Canadians."

Sounds like "Backpackers" will surely convince some college kids to just take a gap year and embark on some crazy, European adventures!

"Backpackers" debuts Monday, July 14 at 8:30/7:30c p.m. on the CW network.

Also premiering Monday night on the CW is "Seed."

Article posted on 7/14/2014
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