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NCAA Student-Athletes Might Get Unlimited Meals

By Campus Circle Staff
NCAA Student-Athletes Might Get Unlimited Meals

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Sports Illustrated reports the NCAA Legislative Council approved a few new rules Tuesday, including student-athletes can receive unlimited meals and snacks.

Previously, student-athletes were given three meals a day or a stipend; however, some believe this does not "meet the nutritional needs of all student-athletes."

According to the NCAA:

"Members have worked to find appropriate ways to ensure student-athletes get the nutrition they need without jeopardizing Pell Grants or other federal aid received by the neediest student-athletes. With their vote, members of the council said they believe that loosening NCAA rules on what and when food can be provided from athletics departments is the best way to address the issue..."

This new rule, among others, can be finalized when the Division I Board of Directors meets April 24.

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Article posted on 4/15/2014
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