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Urban Legend: Tropical Techniques

(Blind Lemon)
By Marvin G. Vasquez
Urban Legend


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Wow. Urban Legend’s Tropical Techniques is definitely a must-purchase album. It is such a unique, yet thrilling piece of music, although it only includes six songs.

Right from the beginning, one gets an exhilarating feeling from “The World Keeps Spinning.” Chana is featured on vocals for this Spanglish upbeat track. Another brilliant moment comes with “Running Around in my Head,” which is performed by Debi Nova.

Urban Legend is composed of J-Radical and Kool Kojak. J-Radical’s true name is Jared Faber, who is a multi-instrumentalist and native of New York. On the other hand, Kool Kojak spent time working and playing in Brazil; he is best known for co-writing/producing Flo Rida’s “Right Round.”

Grade: A+

Tropical Techniques is currently available.

Article posted on 1/13/2010
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