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Dead Sara: Self-titled

By Jacob Gaitan
Dead Sara


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Dead Sara’s self-titled album comes across as a diamond in the rough. The passion and emotion embedded in every note is quickly detected in Emily Armstrong’s vocal range. The musical outbursts expelled by the band come across as an unpredicted ticking time bomb, releasing chaotic moments of energy and destruction into an unstable environment.

A thick presence of vulnerability and overexposure is easily distinguished in their lyrics while pressing the limits of anarchy and disorder through music. “Weatherman”’s volatile environment epitomizes their unique sound. The strong and distorted guitar riffs radiate havoc while following Armstrong’s maniacal screaming paths. Aside from their hard-hitting deliveries, they completely expose their main arteries in “Sorry For It All,” shifting the momentum towards an emotional course of power ballads that left Armstrong howling for more. Dead Sara’s grunge-rock-like sound with a modern splash is exactly what radio stations everywhere have been waiting for.

Dead Sara is currently available.

Grade: A
Article posted on 8/23/2011
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