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Molly Jenson: Maybe Tomorrow

(Bully! Pulpit/ Nettwerk)
By Christopher Agutos
Molly Jenson

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On Maybe Tomorrow, 29-year-old singer-songwriter Molly Jenson reminds us why patience is indeed a virtue. Her tried persistence in the music business is celebrated by this long-awaited moment, the opportunity to release her first CD. Jensen’s single, “Give It Time,” masterfully blends folksy, coffee-shop vocals with a pop rock sound that is both inspiring and relevant.

Across 13 tracks, Jenson’s voice is supported by the gentle keys of a piano, stringy guitar chords and airy background acoustics, which often fade into a unique pulsating effect that is as interesting as it is haunting. Perhaps what is most refreshing about Jenson’s work isn’t this multi-layered sound, but a true honesty that is present in her lyrics.

With songs like “Wait for You Here” and the title-track “Maybe Tomorrow” she sings of a hopeful optimism. “The wind will have blown my way,” she croons. Indeed, she’s reaching for the stars.

Grade: A

Maybe Tomorrow is currently available.

Article posted on 3/4/2009
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