I met this nice girl and found out that she has been with three guys within the last three years. This makes me feel weird. Like if I hug or kiss her, I start thinking of her old boyfriends doing the same things with her. I know most girls have had boyfriends before, but I just can’t stop thinking this way. What should I do? —Terrence, Los Angeles

Alex Greenwald, Phantom Planet
: I’ve also been this way with girlfriends, which I think is a perfectly normal way to feel for a guy. But there’s a reason why you’re with her and she’s kissing you – that’s what you should be thinking about. Obviously, you two are making each other happy. If you can’t stop thinking this way, then you’re fucked. The truth is, if you focus on anything but the present in your life, you’re screwing yourself, so just stop thinking about it and be happy with her in the moment.

Love Doc: I think this is a natural "territorial" thing that a guy can feel toward a girl he really likes. But the reality is, most girls you’ll meet will have likely been with other people. You need to appreciate this instead of feeling jealous of it. Just think of it this way, all her past experiences made her the person she is today. Maybe being with the "wrong" people in the past has made her attracted to the "right" you in the present. Be happy.

My boyfriend of four months has stopped doing the nice, sweet things that make a relationship fun and exciting. He used to send me notes and cards and call me all the time, now I feel he’s neglecting the relationship. How do I get him to be more affectionate with me?

—Jillian, Northridge

: Ah, the four months of courtship are up and now it’s relationship time! I think, if he’s a keeper, just mentioning to him that you miss certain aspects of what he used to do for you, like sending notes or calling more often, should make him more understanding. As long as you can bring it up in conversation and make sure that he doesn’t think it’s nagging in any way.

You should also think if there are certain things that you’re not doing and discuss that with him too. The more open you are in a relationship the better. If I have one piece of advice that people should follow is: talk, talk, talk. Communication is important.

Love Doc: Every time he does something nice for you, like a sweet note or an unexpected gift, give him something in return. How about giving him a note back inviting him to enjoy you in his favorite lingerie? All the return attention will subconsciously let him know that whatever affectionate things he does for you, he’ll be getting a treat of his own soon.

My boyfriend wants me to wear a thong, but the idea of wearing sexy things just to please him makes me feel like an object and also very silly. Shouldn’t he like me for my other qualities?

—Rachel, Valley Glen

: He should like you for your other qualities and he probably does. I have a feeling that G-strings and thongs are probably uncomfortable to wear. If you want to have fun with it, you should probably say, "Sure, I’ll wear them. If you do."

I think you should definitely make him wear a thong at least once. Only because I think it’s funny, not because I think it will help in any way. Maybe even take a picture of him in it so you can look at that whenever you feel objectified.

Love Doc: If he’s your boyfriend, then yes, he does like you for your other qualities. But what’s wrong with liking you for your physical qualities too? Guys are more visual than girls when it comes to attraction, so accept it and have fun with it. Just pretend it’s Halloween and dress up in something wild – maybe you can even take on a new persona? Give it a go.

—Compiled by Mari Fong

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