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Title Headline Issue Year
Rebecca Minkoff store on Melrose is designed for 'how a millennial would want to shop': 25.7 2015
Glitz and Goodwill: Nonprofit opens upscale boutiques: 25.6 2015
Oakland-based Esqueleto opens new showroom in Echo Park: 25.6 2015
First Nasty Gal Store is Coming to L.A. in November!: 24.19 2014
Rock an Original Halloween Look & Costume with Cinema Secrets!: 24.17 2014
Thrifting 101: Destination Vintage: 24.3 2014
Does Topshop L.A. Live Up to the Hype?: With initial excitement dying down, let's analyze the pros and cons. 23.5 2013
Number A: The Number One Store to Visit in Little Tokyo: 22.22 2012
Westwood Shopping Guide: Brandy Melville and Happy Six 22.14 2012
Crossroads Trading Co.: Buy Designer Goods on a Budget or Sell Yours for Extra Cash 22.14 2012
Boutiques that Say L.A.: 22.5 2012
The Suit Closet The Suit Closet: Vani Kumar hits the jackpot. 2007
BusStopShop BusStopShop: Pam Leelayuwapan is living her dream. 2007
H&M H&M: Cheap Chic Retailer Finally Arrives in L.A. 2006
L.A. Shopping Spots Top 10 L.A. Shopping Spots: Shopping you Can't Find Anywhere But L.A. 2005
American Apparel American Apparel: High Fashion That’s Low Impact 2005
Faux Lashes Lashes Go Faux: Hot New Newport Beach Bar Can Outfit Any Eyes for a Long Night of Batting 2005
Sequels Sequels: 9905 Little Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills, (310) 843-9100 2005
Punkture Punkture: Where Punk Meets Chic
263 N. Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, (310) 273-9064
Matrushka Constuction Matrushka Construction: Fashioning Creative and Political Couture 2004