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Title Headline Issue Year
Do we need a COVID-19 video game? How about 51 games? I think we might: 2020
Making ‘Fall Guys,’ 2020’s surprise hit game: How one of its zaniest levels was designed: 2020
Amid coronavirus fears, here are 5 simple, social games that can restore your faith in humanity: 2020
The wildest, wackiest and most-fun mobile game to play with friends is now online: 2020
From ‘1917’ to, yes, ‘Parasite,’ video games are even influencing prestige movies: 2020
Games of the decade 2010 to 2019: A personal list of favorites: 2020
Google announces Stadia, a new gaming platform: 2019
Video ‘gaming disorder’ to be officially labeled as a disease: 2018
E-sports isn’t just a kids game anymore, there’s big money for the best: 2017
Video-game loving millennials, theme parks are making these attractions just for you: 2017
Radio silence: 9 games that have gone dark: 2017
Gifts for gamers: Guide to top video games of 2016: 2016
Four indie games worth checking out: 2016
Venues are catering to e-sports fans with beanbag chairs, energy drinks and food on sticks: 2016
Michael Fassbender takes up the sword in ‘Assassin’s Creed.’ Can it spawn a film series?: 2016
The future of video games appears to be going mobile — although male players may drag their thumbs: 2016
Women now outnumber men in USC’s video game design program, heralding big industry changes: 2016
Game of the Year 2015: ‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’: 2016
Happy 30th, ‘Super Mario Bros.,’ and thanks for the lessons big and small: 25.7 2015
Rethinking the computer game as a teaching tool: 25.6 2015
Fire fast, quit young: not all fun and games for e-sports pros: 25.6 2015
‘Never Alone,’ the world’s first game developed in and by Native Inuit Alaskans, explores Alaska: 25.6 2015
Movie theaters branch out to host video game contests and other events: 25.5 2015
Ready to play ‘Guitar Hero’ and ‘Rock Band’ again? Game makers hope so: 25.5 2015
South By Southwest celebrates gaming, but doesn’t quite embrace it ... yet: 25.2 2015
Fighting harassment in video game industry: 24.21 2015
Are video games good for you? New research suggests answer is yes: 24.21 2015
Intel initiative leads to big goal: Doubling of women in game development by 2025: 24.21 2015
Turning video gaming’s great grub into meals you can really eat: 24.21 2015
This Game Tracks Your Fear and Teaches You How to Master it: 24.3 2014
E3 Will Stay in LA for at Least 3 More Years: 22.13 2012
Can't Sleep? It Could be the iPad: 22.13 2012
Apps Help Smartphones Become Digital Wallets: 22.13 2012
Picks and Pans: 'Tomb Raider Trilogy' Offers Remastered Lara Croft 2011
Game Day: 'Portal 2' is so Sadistic, It's Funny 2011
Back-to-School Gaming: 20.37 2010
Retro Remix Revue Retro Remix Revue: Video games make good music. 2008
Holiday Game Buying Guide Holiday Game Buying Guide: 2008
'World of Warcraft' 'World of Warcraft': Lesson One 2008
Players Only Players Only: Several Rising Trends 2008
Dating Games Players Only: Dating Games 2008
Get in the Game Players Only: Get in the Game 2008
Reindeer Games Players Only: Reindeer Games 2007
Holiday Video Game Buyer's Guide Holiday Video Game Buyer's Guide: 2007
Fall Preview '07 What's on Deck for Fall: 2007
Lock and Load Lock and Load: With Gifts for Gamers 2006
Sony PlayStation Don't Expect a Revolution: From the Next Generation of Sony PlayStation 2006
Fishing Games Virtually Skunked?: Angling Game is Almost like the Reel Thing 2005
Virtues of Gaming The Virtues of Gaming: Author Says Games Can Be Good for You 2005
Cell Phone Gaming Cell Phone Gaming: The Fight for the Cellular Screen 2005
Virtual Currency Virtual Currency: Gamers are Paying Big Bucks for Make-believe Goodies 2005
Exer-Gaming Move It!: Video Games Becoming Part of the Solution 2005
Baseball Games Batting Practice: These Three Video Games Have the Bases Covered 2005
Fight Games Electronic Adventures: Fight Games Duke It Out with Different Styles 2004
Fall Sequels Fall's Video Game Sequels: The Fabulous and the Familiar 2004
Gaming For Girls Gaming For Girls: Social Interaction Trumps Guns and Fighting 2004
Staying Power Staying Power: Games that Keep Players Coming Back for More 2004
Venting Off Steam Venting Off Steam: Violent Gaming can be a Healthy Outlet 2004