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Pepper wrote about Film Screenings:
something free to do this weekend? California Science Center, there is a special exhibit going on right now: Lost Egypt, Ancient Secrets Modern Science. It reveals how archaeologists use modern science and technology to uncover and understand the ancient civilization of Egypt. Something for the whole family!!!!
Posted: 10:10pm | 7/22/2010

Mike wrote about Film Screenings:
Something free to do, this sunday at LACMA @2pm. Catherine Opie,an American artist specializing issues within documentary photography will discuss her book. Book signing afterward :) she is awesome, something you shouldn't miss! It is at Bing Theater| Free, tickets available one hour in advance.
Posted: 9:58pm | 7/22/2010

1stRickyBobby wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean, don't know if you're into Westerns or cowboy stuff but this weekend is 6th Annual Day of the American Cowboy. It's being celebrated all over the country and here in LA at Cerritos' B&B Therapeutic Riding Stables. This Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm. There will be pony rides, arts and crafts, black smithing and wood branding, bbq lunch and riding demonstrations and more. It's a little bit of country in the city!
Posted: 2:20pm | 7/22/2010

MarGeo wrote about the Film Screening:
Dinner for Schmucks seems like one of the best comedies of the year. What do you guys think? Steve Carell and Paul Rudd are solid comedians.
Posted: 10:24pm | 7/21/2010

tootall4ulol wrote about Film Screenings:
sean i was down for the free weekend idea, but they just announced everclear on sunday at the viper room and im sure u being u can get free tix, but im totally willing to pay 15 bucks to see them on sunday
Posted: 2:35pm | 7/21/2010

M1 wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean thanks for the Stinking Rose gift certificate! My wife and I will enjoy it. As far as things to do that are free, hike from Griffith Observatory to Mount Hollywood (closes at dusk), watch the sunset, go in, out, and around the observatory, and then see the city lights. Check out Rebel Without a Cause to see where key scenes were shot. Another thing to do is walking/biking the Venice Boardwalk to the Santa Monica Pier which is nice for people watching and entertainment.
Posted: 12:43pm | 7/21/2010

MarGeo wrote about the Salt Film Screening:
Salt seems like it will be a great film, especially with the acting appearance of Angelina Jolie. I have heard that the plot and its action are a must see.
Posted: 10:14am | 7/21/2010

MaryPetersen wrote about the Elite Fashion Academy Sweeps:
Posted: 3:29am | 7/21/2010

Becky wrote about Film Screenings:
Well this weekend: Saturday is the Summer Fest In Venice Beach from 10-5pm. Old Town Pasadena has a free film festival 2nd Annual Renegade Craft Fair photo in Los Angeles State Historic Park Saturday from 11-7 Free concert on The Redondo Beach Pier
Posted: 10:50pm | 7/20/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
Promotion of the week. I'm looking for something fun to do this coming weekend. It has to be unique and get this, FREE!!!! Let me know your recommendation of a really fun and unique place to go in Los Angeles county and why. The winner will get a one year membership to LACMA.
Posted: 8:09pm | 7/20/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
The Campus Circle website winner on how to stay cool for the weekend goes to M1. Goldcoast Cinemas and Slurpees sound good to me but the kicker is the buffet line at Sam's Club. I had no idea that even existed. Well, maybe I'll give it a shot in the future. Although, I'm a Costco type of guy. M1, Fred in our office will follow up tomorrow with the gift certificate to the Stinking Rose. Congratulations! Sean
Posted: 8:00pm | 7/20/2010

George wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean - Two ways to keep cool this summer. 1 - by keeping yourself hydrated with lots of liquids and 2 - by kayaking out on the open waters.
Posted: 10:17pm | 7/19/2010

General Disarray
General Disarray wrote about Film Screenings:
FYI - If you can't remember which movie screenings you have RSVP'ed to, trying to win tickets: Log in and on your Member Profile page, scroll down. They are listed under "Screenings I have entered" (win or lose).
Posted: 7:28pm | 7/18/2010

M1 wrote about Film Screenings:
This will be a good weekend to do several things to stay cool. I'm going to take my wife to Gold Class Cinemas to have dinner and dessert while watching a movie. We will spend some time at the beach and get a slurpee for a brain freeze. For lunch one day, we will go to Sam's Club to sample the buffett and go back for seconds (at least I will). If I'm home during the day I'll turn on the air conditioner, sit back in a reclining chair w/ one of my dogs on my lap. I'll have a portable fan facing me, spray my body w/ water to stay cool as I watch a movie w/ my wife shaking her head at me and saying, "What are you doing?"
Posted: 5:31pm | 7/16/2010

Jessica Wong wrote about Film Screenings:
sbello, I'm going to stay away from Linda Ronstadt (It's like a heat wave/Burning in my heart/Can't keep from crying/It's tearing me apart) and look for a cool rider (a coooool rider, a coooool rider. If he's cool enough, He can burn me through and through).
Posted: 2:49pm | 7/16/2010 wrote about the Salt Film Screening:
hi cc and sean bello how r u? wut's up? i hope all is staying kool this hott summer ok i just hope i win sum tixz 2 c"salt" that my bday 4real ok july 21st 1968 ok good luck 2 me allright thankz cc and sb take care jd in la calif 90029 ok
Posted: 1:49pm | 7/16/2010 wrote about Film Screenings:
hi cc and mr. sean bello how r u? i hope r all staying kool this hott summer in calif, ok hollywood, los angeles, ect.... also hello 2 all the cc readers, ok i hope i win tixz 2 "salt" because my bday is the 21st ok that would b a way kool bday present ok good luck 2 me once again stay kool this summer in the city of angeles ok thankz cc and sb luv yah take care ok jd in la...
Posted: 1:47pm | 7/16/2010

John Wie wrote about Film Screenings:
Mmm. I'd stay cool by dunking my feet at the pool, drinking a cool mocha frap from Starbucks, under a giant umbrella, with a giant fan to cool myself with, and some nice cool jazz on the side. Sounds pretty cool.
Posted: 1:28pm | 7/16/2010

Dulce Lopez wrote about Film Screenings:
Sorceres Aprrentice was awesome! Really hoping to get the tickets to go see Salt. Angelina Jolie is just adorable and the best! My mother loves her and would LOVE to watch this movie. It would be my gift to her.
Posted: 12:54pm | 7/16/2010

tootall4ulol wrote about Film Screenings:
i think the best way to stay cool is to have a cooler by the couch filled with water, mountain dew, and some stone ipa, my big bag of munchies, boxers, wifebeater, and netflix on demand. this is it right b4 i go to hermosa beach when the sun goes down and no longer 90+ degrees, lol
Posted: 10:54am | 7/16/2010

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