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SURFINRON wrote about Film Screenings:
Posted: 4:38pm | 6/30/2011

jimfoley2005 wrote about Film Screenings:
"Laws can embody standards; governments can enforce laws—but the final task is not a task for government. It is a task for each and every one of us. Every time we turn our heads the other way when we see the law flouted—when we tolerate what we know to be wrong—when we close our eyes and ears to the corrupt because we are too busy, or too frightened—when we fail to speak up and speak out—we strike a blow against freedom and decency and justice." June 21, 1961 Bobby Kennedy
Posted: 2:26pm | 6/30/2011

Zchmhssn89 wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks Campus Circle. Last night's screening of "Terri" went off without a hitch. Showing it at Laemmle's was a great idea. They may not be the most advanced of theaters, but the popcorn is cheap, it's easy to establish a line. The atmosphere was perfect for the one of "Terri." It didn't need flash and lights. It was a funny, quirky, coming of age story that played well against that theater. Thanks again.
Posted: 2:16pm | 6/30/2011

amanda kc
amanda kc wrote about Film Screenings:
i went to see terri last night THANKS CAMPUS!!! what a great film I cared about the characters! touching and warm on a differnet note yeah whats with the line cutting?? this huge , 300 pound, LOUD, YELLING TO EVERYONE woman walks up and just cuts the line. the coordinator asked her to go back to her spot in the line, but she insited on talking to her fiend what could he do? after all, its not suppose to be a place where you have to force people to do the right thing ,he repeated his cute little speech, and , she repeated hes, when they began to let us all in of course ,she marched right in with a look of difinace about her , as if she "dared" anyone to say anything ,and this woman was B -I -G, nasty, & arrogant . oh well such is the way of all demons ... they vex your peaceful life, hope someone tells her about this email. she pushed right in the midst of this always -at-the-front-of-the-line-group tell her .... just sharing
Posted: 12:12pm | 6/30/2011

jimfoley2005 wrote about Film Screenings:
@maceo d kat: Just to get you on the right page, I got in, I'm upset about the wonderful children trying so hard to be good, and their folks trying so hard to do the best for their kids and set a good example, only to not get in because some arrogant, ignorant, jerks chose to cut in line and there was no system in place to stop them. So a potentially wonderful event, and the wonderful efforts of the Campus Circle staff, were tarnished by the selfish, deviate behavior of a few adults, who have for years gotten away with ruining the possibility of a wonderful experience by some wonderful peeps and some deserving children.
Posted: 9:30am | 6/30/2011

maceo d kat
maceo d kat wrote about Film Screenings:
Dang, sounds like a horror show up in City Walk! Glad i went to the Arclight Screening. lolalwaysfunreadingpissedoffedpeoplesreactionsaboutnotgettinginlol
Posted: 8:51am | 6/30/2011

snikwills wrote about Film Screenings:
They are FREE screenings, and at a certain point You have to decide just what YOUR TIME is worth. I personally won't do Archlight screenings b/c it isn't free when I have to camp out 6 hours early to see a "work in progress" w/ CGI issues,and then fill out a report that I could get paid for and see the same thing! And then pay $6-$10 for the parking... Google market research people... and we are each getting something out of this relationship-No one rides for free kids!....but there are plenty of folks without "home training" both in camps...
Posted: 4:22pm | 6/29/2011

RickyO wrote about Film Screenings:
jimfoley2005,I agree with you completely. I have seen the number assignment work well at other screenings; it is simple but effective. It is a great suggestion. My earlier comments were an attempt to show what the affect these "bad people" (I actually liked what you called them in your earlier notes)are having on how the studios and other sponsors treat CC and its members. It was actually your earlier statement that motivated me to write what I have seen and what I know. Thanks.
Posted: 3:50pm | 6/29/2011

jimfoley2005 wrote about Film Screenings:
@RickyO: there are logistical problems with the way screenings are handled, and I'm grateful for the efforts of CC, theatre staff, and others handling crowd control. The simple problem I'm addressing is the ignorant and arrogant behavior of specific persons who habitually sneak into line, in front of those waiting for hours, before the screenings, and only them. The answer is simple, and if ignored will continue to tarnish the fine efforts of CC and their associates, and exploit all those who do the right thing, including children. When the line begins, hand out numbers, or write down names. These are 2 of I'm sure many ways to stop those who offend. Checking IDs and barcodes should be considered part of the regular routine. Thank you good people, and you bad people, stop damaging the fine efforts of the CC staff, the integrity of the good people, and the children.
Posted: 3:23pm | 6/29/2011

RickyO wrote about Film Screenings:
The City Walk screening was unique in a few ways, but the "perfect Storm" it created lends credence to changing the way screenings are managed. Anytime you have a screening close to "Hollywood", the studios are going to have more influence than usual. They feel it is their product and we are their guests -- granted, poor relations, but never the less we are there only because of their "kindness". They had 200 seats. A film school or class managed to have 150 seats reserved for them. Then there were three radio stations with their promotions staff & guests. Their staff people reported line cutting and photocopying by others - they feel these were CC people. Again, CC is an easy target whether it is true or not.
Posted: 8:25am | 6/29/2011

RickyO wrote about Film Screenings:
There have been discussions with other sponsors and the studios to allow their people to enter before Campus Circus ticket holders. This is because the other sponsors' ticket holders usually earn their spots by winning contests or "buying" tickets with points. The other sponsors also usually provide tickets that aren't easy to counterfeit - they use hard copies or bar codes. Thus they control the number of excess line cutters. It is an easy argument to give priority to their members over CC. After the City Walk mess on Monday, I have heard that some of the sponsors are going to ask the studios to either preclude CC from screenings that these sponsors attend or better yet just have their own screenings.
Posted: 8:14am | 6/29/2011

RickyO wrote about Film Screenings:
Looks like what some of us have warned about has come to fruition -- a small percentage of self serving folks who feel they have special entitlement are ruining it for all us; including Campus Circle. It has been a while since there has been an OC screening and looks like the problems have spread to other counties. Too bad. Sorry Sean. But there has been a reoccurring discussion of those who partake of excess cutting and the counterfeiting of tickets. For what ever reason, CC has chosen not to deal with these problems and now it can affect both your membership and your organization. That is a shame.
Posted: 8:02am | 6/29/2011

jimfoley2005 wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you CC, I was able to attend the TR3 screening last night at Universal City Walk. All staff, and organizers did their best, and this was encouraging. However, many kids showed up, and since this was a kids film at a kids park it would of been totally wonderful if there was someone to stop the adult scumbags from cutting in line. Of course, when an adult scumbag cuts in line, there's one less seat for a kid who is trying to be as good as gold in order to see a film that otherwise their parents could not afford to take them to. This has been an ongoing problem for a couple of years now and the same adult scumbags persist in being arrogant and ignorant in their behavior at these potentially wonderful screenings. Thank you CC, I applaud your efforts.
Posted: 4:12pm | 6/28/2011

TheCampusCircle wrote about Film Screenings:
We appreciate your feedback. Thanks to all!
Posted: 12:47pm | 6/28/2011

RK wrote about Film Screenings:
Movie screening tips: 1.)The bigger the venue, the more tickets are being circulated. Not only CC but Gofobo, La Weekly, La Times, etc. 2.)The bigger the movie the more people are gonna show up. Which brings me to #3... 3.)You must arrive 2 hours prior to screen time. Anything less and I wouldnt bother going at all. 4.)In case you don't get in have a back up plan. I got denied at a screening but luckily the theater had a different movie I was planning to watch anyways so my plan wasn't a complete bust. 5.)After you get denied studio reps will say "we'll take your info down and schedule you for another screening.." THIS IS BS. They want you to go away and never see your face again. They will not contact you or "hook you up" for anything. 6.)Parking is not free (only select theaters.) If you get screwed out of a screening too bad.
Posted: 11:12am | 6/28/2011

nanchichi4ever wrote about Film Screenings:
I do not blame CC for what happen last night at all you guys have done a great job all the time it was the studio who fudge up !!!
Posted: 10:45am | 6/28/2011

commongoal wrote about Film Screenings:
WoW.....first of you should read the disclosure CC gives you when they do send tickets to you. They clearly state it is NOT a guarantee you will get in. Second, these are free tickets! Free screenings! You go and get in line and hope to get in...if you don't then too bad! You are making comments on this site as if CC owes you something. subscription on this site is FREE I know yours is too. If you cannot read and handle the rules and regulations why are you on this site?
Posted: 9:37am | 6/28/2011

Dustin Ma wrote about Film Screenings:
CC really needs to be realistic about the amount of tickets they give away, at the Hollywood screening 1/4 of the people showed up got in, I understand the whole " ARRIVE EARLY " clause always mentioned but why even give out that many tickets? Also they told us in Hollywood to email CC about getting on the list for another screening, which email should we respond to?
Posted: 9:15am | 6/28/2011

TiaRose wrote about Film Screenings:
I have to say how disappointed and pissed off I am about yesterday's screening for The Transformer's @ the Universal. My aunt got tickets and was able to wait in line until I got out of work. After work I headed over and got a call from my aunt saying that they were going to allow 300 people. Well around 6:30 she called telling me that you're only going to 100 people into the screening because 200 people from the studio showed up. So because of this I wasn't able to get in but luckily my aunt got in. What a bunch of bull that you send people tickets to see the movie when they can't see it because nobody can seem to do their job right. This isn't the first time that something like has happened. If you are going to send out tickets make sure that there are enough seats. The people at Campus Circle are disorganized and nobody seems to be doing their job right. I'm never signing up for a screening again because I just waste time and gas to go to see a screening and not get in.
Posted: 8:30am | 6/28/2011

TheCampusCircle wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for all the feedback on the Transformers 3 screenings of yesterday.
Posted: 8:02am | 6/28/2011

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