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nihonsugar wrote about the Invictus OC Film Screening:
It's open right now.
Posted: 12:56am | 12/8/2009

BETTY wrote about Film Screenings:
Posted: 11:43pm | 12/7/2009

hg1968 wrote about the Invictus OC Film Screening:
Hello G-Rod 23: It opened last week. I'm going by myself. You're welcomed to come as my guest. Let me know if you're interested so I can give you my e-mail address.
Posted: 2:11pm | 12/7/2009

jj wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean: Thanks for the screening ticket to Up In The Air I really enjoyed it I was not a George Clooney fan- I went to see Jason Batman I'm a huge fan of his. However I must say that I' really enjoy Mr Clooney's performance he was very very good Thanks again
Posted: 1:58pm | 12/7/2009

Tien Nguyen wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you Sean for the tickets to "Up In the Air". The movie was wonderful and my cousin won the grand prize too so that was loads of fun for us :-). George Clooney is such a good actor, I felt that he had his epiphany at the end when he gazed up at the big screen to decide where he should go, but knew that anywhere he went he'd still be alone. It's just so sad :-(, but that's the life style that he had chosen. Thank you again Campus Circle! This was my first screening with Campus Circle and you did an awesome job organizing the event everything went smoothly :-).
Posted: 11:54am | 12/7/2009

G-Rod23 wrote about the Invictus OC Film Screening:
Did the RSVP for Invictus open up and I missed it??? I really want to go see this one!!! "OPEN, OPEN, OPEN!!!!"
Posted: 11:31am | 12/7/2009

yourfriendjj wrote about a Calendar Event:
"The Dating Game Show" has been re scheduled. There will be no show on Mondays in December. Catch our New Years Eve Special Edition Saturday December 26th at 7:30 pm and 9:00 P.M. where we will find two lucky people some one to kiss at midnight on New Years Eve. We look forward to seeing you there!
Posted: 12:05am | 12/7/2009

thewronggirl wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you so much for tickets to Up in the Air at LA Live on Thursday. The movie was fantastic with such a great cast. I was really surprised by the acting chops on Anna Kendrick, and George Clooney was great. I had a great time and everything went smoothly, had no trouble getting in or finding seats. Thanks!
Posted: 1:50am | 12/5/2009

keryl wrote about the The Blind Side LA Film Screening:
Great Movie!! The story was uplifting and a must see for all.
Posted: 4:03pm | 12/4/2009

JOSE wrote about Film Screenings:
hi My guest and I really enjoyed Up in the Air at L.A. Live i am so happy because that was my fist time on filmscreenings i win the soundtrack i realy enjoyed and thank you campuscircle and George Clooney is a good movie 5 stars rating
Posted: 3:51pm | 12/4/2009

sbrooks wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean, it was good meeting up with you again last night! My guest and I really enjoyed Up in the Air at L.A. Live and even wanted to go out and purchase the soundtrack immediately. George Clooney and Anna Kendrick were great and their acting abilities helped to suck you into their story. It definitely had a raw story line (the recession and being laid off) but had a mix of heart warming and humor. The movie felt real which can be hard to achieve. I also really enjoyed it being at the L.A. Live theater and that you did check tickets with id's and your RSVP list! Thank you again!
Posted: 9:06am | 12/4/2009

M1 wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean, great screening for Up in the Air at L.A. Live. Clooney should get an Oscar nomination for his role. I'm glad to see you use the checklist, check id's, and give out tickets to those in line on a 1st come, 1st served basis. It makes it fair for those who did actually get RSVP'd and show up early. Keep up the great work and if you could possibly schedule more movies at L.A. Live and in the O.C.
Posted: 11:31pm | 12/3/2009

EdJ wrote about Film Screenings:
Transylmania= funny movie. The guy seating next to me almost passed out...
Posted: 11:25pm | 12/3/2009

steven83r wrote about the Transylmania Film Screening:
Movie was ok had some laughs. They tried too hard to be funny. Jokes were predictable. Glad it was free, movie is a rental at best maybe just download it.
Posted: 7:25pm | 12/3/2009

cine wrote about the Transylmania Film Screening:
Posted: 3:17pm | 12/3/2009

V-love wrote about the Transylmania Film Screening:
This movie was way better than I expected. It had a lot of humor and it kept us laughing. I totally recommend going to see it! I give it two thumbs up:)
Posted: 2:16pm | 12/3/2009 wrote about Sports: Trojans Win Ugly Against UCLA:
I'm at UCLA, and thought Carroll made an ass move until I realized that Neuheisel took a time out after the knee. That was just asking for it. The time out authorized Carroll to do anything he wanted. It was all Neuheisel's fault.
Posted: 12:53pm | 12/3/2009

movielover wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi Sean, on December 3rd 3 movies please dont screen all at once and when they are good movies like Up in the Air it is very difficult to miss even single one.
Posted: 11:59am | 12/3/2009

HollyByGolly:) wrote about Film Screenings:
Good Morning Sean & Campuscircle family, Thank you for the tix for Invictus!! I wanted to see Armored tonight, but just found I have to work :(.....sorry for having this ticket and not being able to use it. I have a question however, did the Young Victoria screening open for RSVP's, because I am just now seeing it for the first time, and I do not know how long it was up. I know you typically indicate that RSVP's will open soon.....but this screening only says RSVP closed, was I simply too late or was it just not posted like usual? Miss Holly
Posted: 11:56am | 12/3/2009

movielover wrote about Film Screenings:
I saw Translymania last night in Burbank. I was expecting it will be horror but it is funny but good to watch once. Thanks Sean and campus circle for the tickets and I am disappointed that I did not get the hat they ran out just before me but I got pin and poster. Anyways thanks for the movie. I am excited to see INVICTUS and I got the confirmation. Thanks again. I love campus circle.
Posted: 11:55am | 12/3/2009

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