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LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
To I wanna Be in The Front Of the line, here is the OC page link I really liked Love Happens, it was the perfect mixture of Funny and Drama, and also a little bit of sad, thanks Sean and Campus Circle
Posted: 8:11pm | 9/18/2009

call_me_e wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi Sean, this is just a suggestion. Perhaps Campus Circle could think of a way to release passes that someone cannot use? For those who have emergencies or sudden events come up and can't make it, its nicve to know they are not going to waste because they are non transferrable. If there is a solution to this already please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it!
Posted: 6:00pm | 9/18/2009

Back of the Line
Back of the Line wrote about Film Screenings:
Enjoyed Love Happens last nite at Buena Park. Was expecting MORE romance between the leads but it's more of a story about self awareness and helping ones self than helping others. Aaron Eckhart was good in Dark Knight too. Hey Adam where's the link for the OC forum for posting? And by the way those are some cute girls you had next to you...hope to see them again real soon. Can't wait for Couples Retreat....bring em on! P.S. BP Mall is really lame for a food court these days. Sbarro Pizza closed up and the only food is ACROSS the street. At least at The Block you've got choices.
Posted: 4:59pm | 9/18/2009

Recklesskitten wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you for the screening of Love Happens in Buena Park Campus Circle and Sean. Jennifer Aniston was so adorable in Love Happens a good movie to go watch with a boyfriend.. Aaron Eckhart was also good in the movie too, this is the first time I see him in a Romantic drama film because the last movie I saw him in was the dark knight and he played a much different role.. He played two-face.
Posted: 4:48pm | 9/18/2009

Recklesskitten wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you Campus circle and Sean for passes to the premiere of Jennifer's Body. I enjoyed all the movies, The informant, Jennifer's Body and Love happens. Their all really good movies but my personal favirote is Jennifer's Body. I think it will do very well today. I wouldn't necessarily consider it scary/horror but it was good and the whole premiere experience was cool..Saw the whole cast during Q&A at Hollywood and highland..took pictures of them and then Panic at the Disco preform. I heard Megan fox was a sweetheart from people that had their poster's sign from her and saw her up close. I feel so lucky I was able to attend the premiere thank you so much I never thought I would actually win passes to a premiere.
Posted: 4:43pm | 9/18/2009

EMP wrote about the Couples Retreat OC Film Screening:
I sooooooo want to see this! I hope I win :)
Posted: 2:36pm | 9/18/2009

migirene wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you sean for the passes to Jennifer's was fun!!
Posted: 8:25am | 9/18/2009

Jaine K wrote about Sports: Vin Scully: A Friend Indeed:
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Posted: 10:38pm | 9/17/2009

mamacarb wrote:
Just saw "Love Happens" in Burbank and it was a great movie. Definitely one I will recommend and see again. Thank you Campus Circle :)
Posted: 9:54pm | 9/17/2009

lala wrote about the Jennifer's Body Premiere Film Screening:
Scratch out my previous comment. Thanks a lot for the tickets to the premiere yesterday!
Posted: 5:25pm | 9/17/2009

Recklesskitten wrote about Film Screenings:
Hello ADKmdk187 I saw you yesterday at the premiere of Jennifer's Body you were the first one in line by the coffee bean. I was like the 8th in that line.
Posted: 5:00pm | 9/17/2009

itsme;-D wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks a lot for the tix to the premiere of Jennifer's Body! The movie was great!
Posted: 3:34pm | 9/17/2009

salsakid wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi there Sean thanks for the passes to Jennifer's Body was hot hot hot movie..
Posted: 2:11pm | 9/17/2009

movielover wrote about the Love Happens LA Film Screening:
I am checking daily for this movie to rsvp and when did this closed and today is the movie i really want to go for this. please open rsvp today.
Posted: 9:49am | 9/17/2009

Archie wrote about the I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell Film Screening:
I'm Dying to see this movie!
Posted: 8:49am | 9/17/2009

majorjma wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi All Saw the screener Jennifer's Body tonight at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre (The theatre is beautiful. If you haven't experienced it, do so as soon as you can). The movie was really good. I would highly recommend it to all. Don't want to give away anything, so won't say anymore than that. The only thing I do want to say is that Campus Circle finally has gotten it right. Meaning the procedure used in order to see the movie. There was a rep. there who took the email pass and compared it to his list. Once matched he gave a green band which he placed on your wrist. Thank you Sean and Campus Circle, it was a very pleasant experience!
Posted: 2:27am | 9/17/2009

sbrooks wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for the screening passes to the Informant at the Arclight!! We were shocked to see the line so small when we arrived and got perfect seats! The movie was pretty good but were confused as to why the movie had a very strong 60's feel when it was set in the 90's. I agree ADK as it is hard to believe this was true. All of the actors are well known comedians and yet they played some dramatic roles as the movie was more of a story with a comedic twist instead of a comedy. I did enjoy the movie so thank you!
Posted: 11:40am | 9/16/2009

thewronggirl wrote about the Film Screening:
I'm excited for this movie! Looks awesome.
Posted: 11:39am | 9/16/2009

sbrooks wrote about the Film Screening:
I was just talking about really wanting to see this last night!!
Posted: 11:37am | 9/16/2009

EISSEY4 wrote about the Jennifer's Body Premiere Film Screening:
I just got my email confirmation today, I'm so excited! Thank you Campus Circle =D
Posted: 11:30am | 9/16/2009

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