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majorjma wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi Everyone Was very fortunate to see the screening of Transylmania last night. I, like the audience had mixed reactions to the movie. It was good and it was bad. But on second thought, that was the type of movie it was supposed to be, so I guess you can say it met it's goal. So my recommendation then is that, if that is the type of movie you like, then definitely go see it. But if you prefer something with more to it, than silliness, then don't go to see it. Thank you Sean and Campus Circle for the opportunity to see this movie, for the hat, button, poster and for the orderly fashion the way the line was handled.
Posted: 6:04am | 12/3/2009

Eyelovmovies77 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi Sean, Have the passes to Invictus for L.A. gone out yet? I would love to see the movie! I was asking because it did not say "Win" tickets, so I am assuming they are First-Come, First-Served, and some people already got them. I also signed up for the passes before 1 a.m. today! Thank you so much!
Posted: 10:01pm | 12/2/2009 wrote about the The Young Victoria Film Screening:
Sign up for the Young Victoria premiere tomorrow night at
Posted: 5:57pm | 12/2/2009

sbrooks wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean, I am SUPER excited to see Invictus!! I really hope I get passes!!!
Posted: 8:50am | 12/2/2009

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey Sean, I just got my tixs 4 INVICTUS and I guess I have the chemo and insomiac-ness(Is that even a word?) to thank for being up at 2am and checking out the screenings page. I really do appreciate all that you guys do and you do an awesome job at all of the screenings. LIke a lot of people said, great movies to screen in the OC :Sherlock Holmes, AVATAR, The Lovely Bones, Did you hear about the morgans, NINE, Its Complicated. Thanks Sean
Posted: 3:25am | 12/2/2009

yoly_13 wrote about Film Screenings:
hey there i thinking if there would tickets for SHELOCK HOMES...i really want 2 c this movie looks cool :)
Posted: 11:18pm | 12/1/2009

salsakid wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean hi there and to the CAMPUS CIRCLE STAFF i want to thank you for all the passes that you have given too me..Unfortunately after Janurary 10th.i will no longer be in LOS ANGELES..wish you guys had Campus Circle up North,So with that im going to take full advantage on all passes from now thru Jan 10th.Thanks.Sean and the Campus Circle..Screeners see ya tomorrow night for the Transylmania screening @ the Burbank 6
Posted: 6:49pm | 12/1/2009

Sistersis wrote about the Dynasty! Sweeps:
I need some Heaven!!!!
Posted: 10:58pm | 11/30/2009

mcelsner wrote about Film Screenings:
Just got the email for Up In the Air!
Posted: 3:53pm | 11/30/2009

AngelCake89 wrote about Film: Winter Movie Guide 2009-2010:
I can't wait for the new Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire movie! I just watched the trailer and it looks intense!
Posted: 3:47pm | 11/30/2009

therandster wrote about Film Screenings:
Has anyone received tickets for Up in the Air, yet?
Posted: 1:45pm | 11/30/2009

denyse_g wrote about the The Men Who Stare at Goats Sweeps:
This would be fun!
Posted: 12:18pm | 11/29/2009

cpsnsamples wrote about the The Men Who Stare at Goats Sweeps:
would love to win this...looks like a funny movie
Posted: 9:14pm | 11/28/2009 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey guys, Help a member out. If anyone found that wallet, please return it. bmerri1, give us your phone number again. Also, make sure you are checking in with the theater to see if they found it.
Posted: 11:20am | 11/28/2009

bmerri1 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey Guys, there were so many people at the Ninja Assassin Sreening that some one had to have found my wallet. You could have turned it in by now. You could drop it in the mail, I know the money is gone, just give the other stuff back please. I thought we were nicer people than this. I reaaly need my things, please give it back.
Posted: 11:01am | 11/28/2009

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
Sparks may have flown in the form of shuriken, chain whip chokers & swords throughout "Ninja Assassin," but the film pales in comparison of the original "Matrix" in terms of the plot (obviously too thin) sandwiched by the action sequences to make up to the viewers' satisfaction. At least, S. Korean rocker Rain provided his martial-arts skills since his portrayal as a fighter impressed the Wachowski brothers in the bombed "Speed Racer." Even an FBI agent in Naomie Harris was reduced as a mere almost sappy sidekick to the film's star. GRADE: B-
Posted: 11:58pm | 11/26/2009

HollyByGolly:) wrote about Film Screenings:
Happy Thanksgiving Campuscircle!!!!!
Posted: 11:04pm | 11/26/2009

xxkissmydaisyxx wrote about Film Screenings:
Juat wanted to say Thank you for all the opportunities campus cirle has given me to see a screeening... My daughter and i enjoy every movie we go and see... Wishing everybody a Happy Thanksgiving, and Sean and the entire campus circle staff keep up the good work..looking fwd to ur next movie screening....
Posted: 9:10am | 11/26/2009

Glenda V wrote about Film: The Twilight Saga, New Moon:
'Twilight' sunk its teeth into cinemagoers last year - will the second installment prove to be as big a hit this year. Sure it will! Everyone else around are getting into this whole vampire craze. The "New Moon", the next of the Twilight series is out November 20th and there are already New Moon reviews out. The consensus among critics is that the film – you’ll have to pardon the pun – really BITES. (How am I not supposed to make that joke?) Rotten Tomatoes along some of the really big reviewers have decided that the novelty has worn off, and are giving the film a hiding. If you got payday loans for camping gear to wait days for tickets, it might have been a waste.
Posted: 9:01pm | 11/25/2009

JS wrote:
Saw Ninja Assassin Monday at the Block in Orange and enjoyed every minute of it. Suprised at the number of small children that were present. Thanks again, Sean, for the pass.
Posted: 12:36pm | 11/25/2009

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