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Nelson wrote about Film Screenings:
Don't feel sad if you did not get to see Sherlock Holmes. The movie is not that great in my opinion. The pace of the whole movie is slow. I almost fell asleep during that movie. I bet some people got the flu after standing in line outdoors for 2 hours on that especially cold and windy night.
Posted: 9:47am | 12/24/2009

yoly_13 wrote about Film Screenings:
that sucks i didn't get to see Sherlock homes i was hoping to get tickets but ohh well...
Posted: 2:35pm | 12/23/2009

redlady wrote about Film Screenings:
My daughter and I went to the Sherlock Holmes screening in Orange last night, stood in line for over 2 hours in very cold and windy weather. Everyone was freezing, we were able to get in and see the movie which was enjoyable. I didn't understand why the line couldn't have been inside the theater. The screenings at the Block have everyone inside during the colder months. The theater appeared to be smaller than the ones used at the AMC at the Block. Even after all that wait we got side seats. It appears that people ahead us were holding a lot a places for others.
Posted: 2:22pm | 12/23/2009

V_Inc. wrote about a Calendar Event:
Looks interesting!
Posted: 2:09pm | 12/23/2009

HollyByGolly:) wrote about Film Screenings:
Happy Holidays CampusCircle.....I enjoyed the Holmes screening...thanks again :) Miss Holly
Posted: 1:50pm | 12/23/2009

rizeandshine wrote about Film Screenings:
I did win tickets but still didn't get to see the show. :( Waited in line in the cold for an hour and a half and when my daughter and I finally made it to the front of the line they told us there was only one seat left. I've never had a problem getting into a show before. I'm wondering if they had a very small theater or if the line continued on into the building.
Posted: 11:56am | 12/23/2009

TJnagel wrote about Film Screenings:
campus circle rocks sean is the best people read the rules win or chance means just that a chance to win and those of u who get in line after 6pm no wonder you get turned away remember first come first served be there at 430 you get in and still no guarentee you will
Posted: 9:11am | 12/23/2009

DJ wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for the tix to Sherlock Holmes. The movie was excellent! -DJ
Posted: 9:03am | 12/23/2009

TJnagel wrote about Film Screenings:
so many of u losers are ungratefull probubly the same ones who go to wait in line at 645 and say i was there early fools 3 oclock is best to go online reason i always get passes
Posted: 12:27am | 12/23/2009

movielover wrote about Film Screenings:
I did not get the tickets too...Looks like this time very few tickets went.
Posted: 4:13pm | 12/22/2009

maceo d kat
maceo d kat wrote about Film Screenings:
oh man am i sooo bummed out that i didnt get tickets to this... if anyone is rolling out solo, i can line up early for you :)
Posted: 11:03am | 12/22/2009

sbrooks wrote about Film Screenings:
starshadow & tien, Sherlock Holmes was "win" tickets. Which means that not everyone who signed up got tickets and I'm not sure the process for win tickets (like who gets them and doesn't). Sean, my guest and I were able to get into Sherlock Holmes and we really enjoyed it! The writing was done really well and the big name actors knew how to pull it off. Thanks for the tickets!
Posted: 8:31am | 12/22/2009

Tina wrote about Film Screenings:
Does anyone have tickets for Sherlock Holmes? I would like to go. Tickets are usually good for two, anyone going by them self? Please let me know. Thanks.
Posted: 11:48pm | 12/21/2009

Tien Nguyen wrote about Film Screenings:
Hi Starshadow, you're right. i had the same problem too and I also didn't get tickets :-(. I signed up the day rsvp was open...
Posted: 8:52pm | 12/21/2009

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
As I mentioned in my response, I've been trying to get hold of those Holmes passses since last week as well as other films I'm attempting to pick up from, but it has grown frustrating & tiresome for me to respondmore than once. Pls., Campus Circle, do something to make things right. Thanks!
Posted: 5:28pm | 12/21/2009

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
I think there's a transmission malfunction in getting free movie passes after logging on to this website. I typed my EMA & password just once for "Sherlock Holmes" last week, but I didn't receive any response. This happened to me several times. Perhaps if the publication can look into this dilemma...
Posted: 5:24pm | 12/21/2009 wrote about Film Screenings:
hello cc and sean ill b at 2night screening of"sherlock homes"2night ok ill b wearing a lakers jersey t #7 ok
Posted: 4:55pm | 12/21/2009

Jamie1989a wrote about News: Campus Girls USA:
I just was just reading this article and saw "Beachbabe's" comment and had to say something. I was IN the calendars for two years and have gotten to know the entire crew and I can say that the comments made by beachbabe are ridiculous and shame on you for saying all of that. You should really be more responsible than just going around blindly accusing people of things. They have been incredible to me and all of the other girls that I know involved in the calendars. If this was anything but great I wouldn't have done it for two years. This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Get your facts straight. I'm guessing you're making that all up because you didn't make it into the calendars. Grow up. And my name is Jamie, you can find me on the site... I didn't make up some lame fake name beachbabe.
Posted: 10:35pm | 12/20/2009

Nessa:) wrote about Film Screenings:
has anybody gotten the sherlock homes tickets?? i havent gotten them . :-/ .
Posted: 7:38pm | 12/20/2009

darci wrote about Film: According to Greta:
This movie was so good – I think Hilary Duff can use it as a springboard to launch into more mature roles. She never over-acted, which I think a lot of young actors tend to do whenever they start playing more serious characters. Kudos to her. Ellen Burstyn was terrific as the grandma, too. I also really love the song “I Wanna Die” by Jolie Holland and I was so happy to hear it during the opening credits…what a great mood-setter.
Posted: 7:21pm | 12/20/2009

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