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TFABOLOUS wrote about Film Forums: Do OC people like to go to the movies?:
Hey all you CAMPUSCIRCLE peeps in the OC, post a message on the OC board to Sean to request more OC screenings. If all of us OC peeps stand united we will receive our desired screenings that are often ONLY in LA. (cut and past the link in your browser)
Posted: 10:06pm | 8/16/2009

TFABOLOUS wrote about Film Forums: Do OC people like to go to the movies?:
Hey Sean, I too would love to see more movie screenings here in the OC. The LA screenings are impossible for me to get to, as I have tried - i drove for hours, arrived very early, waited for three more hours, only to be turned away. These advance screenings in the OC are great because I can go to work the next day and tell my co-workers how great the movie was, and, consequently, recommend that they should see the movie. Furthermore, my family and I have grown fond of these screenings, as we attempt to go to all the OC screenings together, that way we can talk and have a good time with one another. In conclusion, I long for these screenings, as they are a break from the average mundane grind of life. More OC screenings = happy OC peeps
Posted: 10:02pm | 8/16/2009

TK14 wrote about Film Screenings:
@AlBee While I don't think its so much of giving your buddy a pass it was that you let him get into line with you. (If I read that right). While I personally don't mind if people are saving a spot in line for their spouse who may be running late from work or a single friend (who wants to watch a movie alone?). It irks me quite a bit when a gang of people just waltz right into line a few minutes before letting us in. As for copying tickets? Do it all you want, just be sure to tell you friend where the back of the line it.
Posted: 9:25pm | 8/16/2009

M1 wrote about Film Screenings:
The screenings should be 1st come, 1st served and not 1st come and those with line crashing friends 10 minutes before going in, get served while those who have been waiting 2 hours get turned away. Can you generate a list of names of who won tickets? When Campus Circle shows up check the list off to prevent the reuse of copied tickets, stamp the ticket print out and number it. Only one ticket could be stamped per person, not one person with 10 tickets. If the theatre holds 400 people, then you could stamp 200 tickets only and tell the rest in line there may or may not be any seats left. Then when it is time to go in those w/ stamped and numbered passes in #1,2,3,...
Posted: 9:10pm | 8/16/2009 wrote about Film Forums: Do OC people like to go to the movies?:
I guess OC people aren't interested in getting screenings down there as much as they are saying. I only have 4 comments from members in that area. That's not enough people for me to step up to the plate and ask the film companies to do more screening events down there.
Posted: 2:47pm | 8/16/2009 wrote about Film Screenings:
wow that made no sense at all....
Posted: 2:15pm | 8/16/2009

Sandra W wrote about Film Screenings:
Hello there's more then one screening and then yall get on here complaning about othere people screening wow not every screening is sean lol and then yall get on here talkin about 200 people to get Sean attn lol come on now how the hell that many people cut lol wow well if they had a party of 200 so be it lol unwilling bring 10000 lol stop complaning and worry about ur self
Posted: 12:30pm | 8/16/2009

Sandra W wrote about Film Screenings:
Eeeeeeeeeeeee guys guess whis back Sandra u people are crazy old and gummpy go pay for ur movies then if u have a complant because that what ur going to have to do anyway because Sean is going to get tierd of the complant about the line how is someone cutting if there with a party look that's why Sean dose what he do now u have to win tickets lol lol all the screening or going to be like that after a while so go pay for the movie if u don't like it don't u get it buy no no one care a party is a party I'm going to bring a hunded people next time lol lol and where all getting in lol lol and then yall worry about what's behind yall lol lol funny get there early because my 100 pluse people are getting in as always and now where reading othere people pass to see if there copys lol ongossh u people are crazy yall needed help stop complant lol where gettin in ha ha ha I'm still gone to do what I want to
Posted: 12:23pm | 8/16/2009

Archie wrote about Film Forums: With Halloween II in theaters soon, what's up with Hollywood's obsession with remakes?:
yeah, looking forward too?
Posted: 11:31pm | 8/15/2009

AlBee wrote about Film Screenings:
ok, i do agree that sometimes people go overboard with the line saving, but u guys keep complaining and saying that people r "photocopying" their passes and handing them out to everybody. How do u know they didnt get more then 1 ticket? Did u go over and look at the names and RSVP codes? Im guessing not, cause campus circle would obviously delete members accounts if they were getting 10 of the same ticket. And it es me off cause i once had 2 separate tickets and 1 was 4 me and my gf and the other was 4my friend and his gf, well i printed them both out and gave it to my friend when he got there and some y old biddys behind me started accusing me of have a "copy" of a ticket, well guess what it wasnt. so just chill and get there earlier and if u dont wanna waste ur time, then dont!
Posted: 7:36pm | 8/15/2009

neon wrote about Film Screenings:
what is your time worth? i gave up waiting in line for 2 or more hours to see a movie that i could see later for $5. to $7. last screening i went to, i got there 1 1/2 hours early for a 7:30 show. there was already a huge line. i went to the first person in line and asked when they got there. they were proud to say 3:30 ! they were willing to wait 4 hours to see a movie. one way to handle the line jumpers+ is when you arrive for a screening you're given a numbered ticket for yourself and a guest. they hand out the same number of tickets as the number of seats available. that way everyone will know whether they will actually get into the theatre. seems so simple and fair, yet no one does this.
Posted: 4:48pm | 8/15/2009

PrincessPinky wrote about Film Screenings:
I get free passes all of the time, have for years. I don't go to the screenings that often any more though because I live ALL THE WAY IN BANNING, and, by the time I get to LA or Orange county and stand in line for two or more hours (not to mention how late it is when the movie is over and I have to drive back), I get really pissed when I'm turned away because *200* people decided to jump the line. I end up burning my gas and convincing my husband for absolutely no reason! I would find it completely fair if I hadn't shown up on time, but when I push myself to get out of work and out the door (I even have my man MEET me at work so that we can get right on the road) and I have to miss dinner, I've decided it wasn't worth getting to see a free movie a day or two earlier than it's release. I'll just spend the $20 for us to go to a theater!! ;)
Posted: 3:24pm | 8/15/2009

Recklesskitten wrote about Film Screenings:
The worst thing is that those people keep getting away with things because last time when I went to the funny people screening a lady was just collecting the passes but was not checking if more than one pass had the same name on it .
Posted: 1:31pm | 8/15/2009

Recklesskitten wrote about Film Screenings:
I agree with everyone, something needs to be done about people that cut in line and make copies of their passes to hand out to their group of friends. The same happen to me when I wen to to see Bruno in Buena Park, I didn't say anything to the people in front of me that were doing that but I didn't like it and don't think that's it's fair for the people that have actually won passes to get turn away because of people that cut in line and hand copies of their pass to their friends. The passes need to be checked and all collected if too many people have the same name and number on the pass then they should be turn away because the pass is just for the person that won and a friend.
Posted: 1:27pm | 8/15/2009

dingoboy wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks bud for the District 9 screening, it was incredible, but... it seemed that when I got there at 5:25pm, I was around #50 in line, and that would have included if every person in front of me had their guest coming later. But once it got near time, and we went in, I was #125. It seemed that people were not just saving places in line for their 1 guest, but also any and all friends who also had a 1+guest pass too. That really should not be allowed. The ones in line and their 1 guest can join them, but seriously 75 people jumped the line in front of where I was. I still got in, but very rude.
Posted: 11:24am | 8/15/2009

Glenda V wrote about News: Freedom of the Press:
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Posted: 10:24pm | 8/14/2009

honeebee wrote about Film Screenings:
this group of people that cut do it ALL THE TIME in ALL the screenings, if it's the same poeple i'm thinking, they're an older crowd and they all come and sneek in, by the time they're all in there's at least 12 of them in front of you. someone needs to do something, we can all probably point them out to sean, i have been turned away several times, but have seen them going in.
Posted: 6:46pm | 8/14/2009

Paul Powell wrote about Film Screenings:
We had tickets to see the GOODS and we got there an hour and a half before the show started and we didnt even get in.....then yesterday we went to district 9 and we went nearly 2 hours ahead of time and didnt get in.....also people were cutting in line, ill bet there were atleast 50 people that cut in front of us and nobody did anything about it....and we missed seeing the movie by about 20 people.....its not worth it.
Posted: 3:53pm | 8/14/2009

manok wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks CampusCircle for the screening of 'District 9' (I finally won tickets). It was a great movie and by far the best movie of the summer in my opinion. Something I do want to point out is that both a_uniqhorn and shadowpigpants are right, way to many people cut in line. I got in line before 5pm and TWO groups got really big. At one point I didn't think I would get in with my guest but, thankfully we did. Thanks once again CampusCircle!
Posted: 1:13pm | 8/14/2009

eri006 wrote about Film Screenings:
Ashton is hot and can act so he keeps you entertained. Couple scenes with skin that would take courage to shoot I think. Good movie not great but still a see it at a cheaper theater.
Posted: 12:50pm | 8/14/2009

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