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MACCAPONE wrote about Film Screenings:
Posted: 2:51pm | 5/26/2009

mom4ds wrote about Film Screenings:
never works now!!!! =)
Posted: 11:24am | 5/26/2009

mom4ds wrote about Film Screenings:
by the way... why every time I brownse another picture, it appears the same???
Posted: 9:26am | 5/26/2009

mom4ds wrote about Film Screenings:
Hello every1!!! Well ... I have a busy weekend 2, On friday night I had this sleepover for my son and cousins watching hotel for dogs, saturday nigth party with my husband, sunday relax at home and enjoy my lil' girl and monday family day!!!! off to six flags!!!
Posted: 9:19am | 5/26/2009 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey everyone, I took a long weekend. What did all of you do? I want to hear about it. For me, I started off Friday night at LACMA for the Pompeii Roman Villa exhibition. It is a pretty amazing exhibit. On Saturday, I headed up to Lomis, CA (near Camarillo) to pick Blueberries. On Sunday, BBQing with the family. I watch He's Just Not That Into You on Sunday night. I didn't like it at all but my wife totally dug it. Thus, a chick flick. Today, I watched the Marathon on my street and then went hiking in the lower Arroyo Seco Basin in S. Pasadena. It was beautiful and hot. I couldn't help myself and ended up going for a dip in the stream. Now, kicking back and reflecting on those who sacrificed their lives for all of us. Thanks. Sean
Posted: 7:57pm | 5/25/2009

pat wrote about Film Screenings:
send land of the lost to new york. i would like to check out that one. it looks good. thank you. diana p.s. i've enjoyed lots of free screeningsover the years. keep it up.
Posted: 10:27am | 5/25/2009

pat wrote about : :
i live in the bronx. what channel is it on cablevision? maybe it's the same. i have to check it out. thanks. diana
Posted: 10:24am | 5/25/2009

sbrooks wrote about the What Goes Up Film Screening:
handh20 - yes, you print out the email and bring it with you to the screening. It is for you and one guest.
Posted: 9:41am | 5/25/2009

ilovecampuscircle wrote about the Land of the Lost LA Film Screening:
Its not Open Yet keep checcing bacc.
Posted: 12:48am | 5/25/2009

ilovecampuscircle wrote about Film Screenings:
To Dadiana The Passes are always for You and A guest unless otherwise specified. Hope this helped :-)
Posted: 12:47am | 5/25/2009

maceo d kat
maceo d kat wrote about the Land of the Lost OC Film Screening:
F5 is the refresh button for your web browser.
Posted: 9:31am | 5/24/2009

vladdyD wrote about Film Screenings:
This really is a great little community being run here. <3
Posted: 11:44am | 5/23/2009

shiphrah wrote about Film Screenings:
send some screenings to new york
Posted: 10:23am | 5/23/2009

Crystallio wrote about Film Screenings:
I try to put a spin on it and think of it as a challenge. To be honest my favorite part of these screenings and premieres is the rush of the line, wondering how many people will be there already, if you're early enough, how many people they'll let in, if you'll make. It's my super sad mini adventure for the day. Thanks for listening to what I said. Hopefully it was constructive and you can see it in a positive light.
Posted: 3:57am | 5/23/2009

Crystallio wrote about Film Screenings:
One last thing: A reminder that Campus Circle and every other organization that is great enough to try and get premieres and screenings out to us regular folk for free (sometimes with bonus refreshments) make no promises and no guarantees. They present an opportunity for you. It's up to you to make it happen. Sometimes things don't work out because you don't get their early enough, or yea they have WAY fewer tickets than passes they send out. It sucks when you have to wait and get turned away (especially when you pay all day for parking), but it comes with the territory. Don't feel entitled or like they're obligated to appease you.
Posted: 3:57am | 5/23/2009

Crystallio wrote about Film Screenings:
Also, I don't understand why some people are so polite to line cutters. When an usher, theater personal, security, etc. come and tell people to form a single line or to stand up against the wall when there's a group for 10 people spilling into the sidewalk or hallway, why do you scoot down to make room for them to stand by the wall when 9 of them just cut in front to the person in front of you?!! I'm not saying people need to yell or start fights, but don't silently let people take advantage of you. IF you say something an nothing happens, oh least you gave it a shot right? What's the worse that can happen? Nothing. But I have called people on it before and guilted them or made them uncomfortable enough to leave. Dirty looks and evil stares...they work wonders!!
Posted: 3:46am | 5/23/2009

Crystallio wrote about Film Screenings:
I always think it'd be nice for the people at the front of the line to step up and help a little. Usually those people are the regulars, they've been screwed in the past and I'm sure they will at some point in the future. I know I've tried handing out post-it notes with numbers on them before, even giving people a couple extra if they were waiting for a friend or someone ran to the bathroom or for food. The problem is, people have to be willing to do it. If you don't speak up when you're there or constructively try to come up with a solution, you don't really have a right to come on here and complain about it. Not everyone is going to solve your problems.
Posted: 3:41am | 5/23/2009

Crystallio wrote about Film Screenings:
I'd also like to point out, because I hear people complain about this a lot...It's not very practical for Campus Circle (or any other screening organization) to have an "employee" stand out there all day just to manage line cutters. Some people start lining up at 9 am! That'd be ridiculous to pay someone to stand there all day...or even worse, NOT pay them to. We all need to step up and take responsibility for ourselves and what we'd like to see happen in line. If someone cuts in front of you, say something right away, don't expect people running the show to have time to listen to your problems, they're busy and stressed. Help out your fellow line waiters. I hate it when everyone will silently complain, but when it comes down to actually saying something to cutters, only one person speaks up and no one backs them up...power in numbers!
Posted: 3:38am | 5/23/2009

Crystallio wrote about Film Screenings:
I had the chance to go to the Terminator Salvation premiere at Grauman's a couple weeks ago. I got in line around 1:00 and was 5th in line. In the last hour and a half tons of people had cut in front of me...I was there alone. I had mentioned something to one of the security guys and had me point them out. He told me that when it came time to handing out tickets, these people would not get theirs. Instead they ALL got tickets and they stopped handing them out at the person right in front of me. I then had to wait another 30 minutes just to see if they'd have more tickets for people. I stood in line for 6 hours and was number 5 when it started. But the time I got my ticket I was number 23...18 people had joined the 2 couples that held their spots. I've had my share of bad lines stories, but that was ridiculous!
Posted: 3:33am | 5/23/2009

Big Poppa LA
Big Poppa LA wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey Sean, thanks for the shout out, the pleasure was meeting you as well. I enjoyed the screening of dance flick it was handled great with no up-sets good job campus circle. See what a great time all can have a fun night. the dance crews were fun to watch too. Good job to power 106.....great and fun crew with lots of energy. Peace and Love to all
Posted: 9:58am | 5/22/2009

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