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CaptainCharisma wrote about Film Screenings:
does anybody think for a second maybe, just maybe it's the economy that forced CC to do a new system? Just sayin'
Posted: 2:54pm | 7/16/2009

sbrooks wrote about Film Screenings:
If you guys read Sean's responses, he listens to what you have to say. For whatever reason, they have to use the "win tickets" way but he has said numerous times that he will keep it first come first serve as much as he can. Please stop complaining.
Posted: 2:22pm | 7/16/2009

JohnPapa wrote about Blogs: Jon Minus Kate Equals Great:
I beg to differ there is nothing more I enjoy then seeing Jon's dough eyed kitten face starring at me in the check out line. But hey that's just me.
Posted: 1:45pm | 7/16/2009

PoLLo wrote about Film Screenings:
See.... Got tix for The Ugly Truth. Just make sure you check the site daily to get tix. It's better for the Website since it gets more hits by me coming here on a daily basis instead once or twice a weekly. I get to see the ads on the right hand side on a daily basis!!!! Better for Marketing! Although the "GOT ACNE" ad creeps me out! :) Thanks Sean.
Posted: 12:40pm | 7/16/2009

BigBear818 wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanx you for the movie pass for "The Ugly Truth." it was the quicks response I had in recieving movie passes. Now I can plan my day better for next week movie screening
Posted: 12:34pm | 7/16/2009

BlueAngel wrote about the The Ugly Truth LA Film Screening:
OMG, I've been waiting for this movie! Does this mean I have a pass?! It doesn't say "win tix" - I really hope I get tickets! Thanks, Sean :)
Posted: 12:16pm | 7/16/2009 wrote about Film Screenings:
I appreciate the dialogue regarding the screenings. RecklessKitten, good point about the OC screening of Bruno. What's the sense of doing an enter to win in OC if unscrupulous people are photocopying passes and giving them to friends? I agree with you. Therefore, I'll stop doing enter to wins in OC until I can have someone there to monitor the lines. As for LA, I still do some screenings that are not enter to win. As for the LA screenings that are enter to win, I'll make it a point to monitor the lines more. We just did one for 500 Days and I have another one coming up. So look out for it.
Posted: 11:47am | 7/16/2009 wrote about Film Screenings:
ok its not about getting a free movie, atleast for me it isnt, its the whole screening experience. Seeing the movie early, being picked to go see it, etc. I agree this lottery system sucks. Maybe for blockbuster films like transformers or harry potter, but not for every film. Its not really fair. I miss the good ol days, i would usually miss sign ups but it was still a fair process. and line cutting should be outlawed!
Posted: 11:02am | 7/16/2009

Angeleno wrote about Film Screenings:
My guess? This current system is a way to screen for age without admitting it. The studios seem to think people above a certain age don't count, and they complained that too many of them were getting in through the Campus Circle screenings. I'm betting that if you are above a certain age, you won't be getting tickets through this site any longer. This lottery system is just a way to disguise it.
Posted: 12:00am | 7/16/2009

Recklesskitten wrote about Film Screenings:
When you reserve on that website you have to put your name and your guest name. Then at the screening theirs people walking and checking you off the list that they have. They ask for your name and your guest name which is on the list if you reserve and once they marked off your name then they give you your ticket. If your name is not on the list or your guest name then you won't get a ticket.
Posted: 9:03pm | 7/15/2009

Recklesskitten wrote about Film Screenings:
I was at the screening of Bruno in the O.C. and even though their was a lot of people and two lines no one was turn away. The system is working that was my first screening that I went with this new system, everything ran smoothly. But I still saw people with copies of the screening passes and I was like wait a minute the pass is only for the person that wins the ticket and one friend. A guy from the screening exchange was their handing out passes to a screening and yesterday I went to one of their screening of G.I. Joe. Their system is different and I think it would be a good idea to have a system like theirs to prevent people from making copies of their passes.
Posted: 9:00pm | 7/15/2009

PoLLo wrote about Film Screenings:
We aren't complaining that Sean isn't doing a good job. OF COURSE HE IS AND ALWAYS has done a great job setting up screenings. I'm just saying the old system was much better than this lottery winning stuff. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD SYSTEM LIKE THE OLD DAYS....
Posted: 1:08pm | 7/15/2009

SHARKB8 wrote about Film Screenings:
Posted: 1:39am | 7/15/2009

BUBBLES wrote about Film Screenings:
Since this new system I havent been able to get any tickets as well as my relatives is not worth anymore "ENTER TO WIN" , I will just pay the damn 10.00 not worth the headache, AND I TRULY THINK THAT BY DOING THIS LESS PEOPLE IS BROWSING THROUGH THIS SITE LATELY!
Posted: 8:49pm | 7/14/2009

tankjamm wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean thanks your doing a great job why people complain is beyond me they sound like spoiled brats. People you need to realize that we get to go see these movies for free sometimes months before they even come out so be grateful to campus circle and Sean for the opportunity instead of whining and complaining. Thanks John
Posted: 6:53pm | 7/14/2009 wrote about Film Screenings:
carpz, I don't think you are doing anything wrong. I'll look into this for you any other members as well. Thanks. Sean
Posted: 4:39pm | 7/14/2009

carpz wrote about Film Screenings:
I don't know how this works now cause I haven't been able to get any movies since this started, and I have 2 friends that keep getting tickets. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but its getting to the point that I'm actually checking this sight less and less.
Posted: 4:22pm | 7/14/2009 wrote about Film Screenings:
I guess I'm only as good as my last movie screening. I'm sorry folks but we are doing this system for a reason. We confirmed a lot of people for Bruno in LA and OC as well as 500 Days in LA and OC. There were no turnaways at any of these screenings. Further, 500 Days was an automatic RSVP. You only had to upload a picture of yourself at an LA based landmark to spice up the entry. When I can do automatic RSVPs I will certainly do so. In the meantime, I'm giving this system a shot to see if it can work for all of us.
Posted: 4:21pm | 7/14/2009

vonprango wrote about : :
Sadly, the only difference between my live band performances and the game Rock Band is that I can hear the joy of a crowd in the game. I have yet to hear this at any of my live performances. Rock Band gives me hope and my suicide attempts have decreased threefold. Thank you, Rock Band...thank YOU
Posted: 3:58pm | 7/14/2009

PapaGeorgio25 wrote about Film Screenings:
Yeah well I agree with that one guy. What ever happened to like 8 different movies at the same time and just getting on here before everyone else? I was gone for about 2 months what happened?
Posted: 1:04pm | 7/14/2009

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