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LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
At Maceo D KAt, what do you mean ethically you shouldnt be ablew to go to every movie screening? The secrete to success is making tickets, its called networking. If you make friends then when a screening opens up you text or e-mail them. Thats the secrete and all of times i have friends who win when i dont, Im their guest cause by far I don't win everytime and as far as gofobo Ive been using them for years and they send me the private rsvp codes most of the time. So there isnt anything scandelous going on, you just gotta have a system. And for me and my screening companions the system works for us. So no need to be jealous or angry people, just get your own system in play.
Posted: 1:37pm | 4/26/2010

maceo d kat
maceo d kat wrote about Film Screenings:
statistically you cant go to every screening. ethically, you shouldn't be able to go to every screening. but that's neither here nor there. you can posture and pretend all you want, but you guys recycle tickets, use fake accounts, and straight up abuse these screenings, and have for years. why cant you guys just lol at the rest of us suckers you have to "win a chance" to go to these events and stop trying to pretend that you use gofobo. sure they open up erratically, i've gotten a few low key screenings from them myself, but its in no way a viable source to bypass the "raffle/sweepstakes" style of rsvping here at CC.
Posted: 1:24pm | 4/26/2010

Lisa wrote about Film Screenings:
Adam gets there very early. He deserves to be first in line.And with the ropes up,I see no way he can let 150 people in line with him.
Posted: 1:21pm | 4/26/2010

cheree(: wrote about Film Screenings:
and gofobo, and i take it upon myself and my boyfriend to arrive there early so I can be in the front. Adam, is not rude at all and he doesn't invite everybody into his line. If you see adam all the time then you should know his group in the front it is Myself, my boyfriend, Adam, and a ladie named Juliet and we all arrive at 4- 4:30pm. And if you don't want to come early which the screening ticket says, and yes people come before the specified time them thats your fault, not ours so stop blaming us and blame yourself. Thank you
Posted: 10:29am | 4/26/2010

cheree(: wrote about Film Screenings:
Yeah this goes to RickyO, Hi names Cheree and i'm not a fictious person... You see i have a problem with your comments on campus circle. You see me and my Boyfriend go to most of all campus circles events in the OC area, and we are with Adam!!! Now, do you really have a problem with us getting at the screening at 4pm, there is no time specified on the ticket, we can get there when we please. Now if you have a problem with that, come a little bit early and that little childish problem will be solved. Secondly, Adam doesn't get all of his tickets for his friends, no i get mine myself of of campus circle
Posted: 10:25am | 4/26/2010

kevinkwak89 wrote about Film Screenings:
Has anyone won tickets to A Nightmare on Elm St. yet? I really want to go, but no e-mail yet... :(
Posted: 1:19am | 4/26/2010

RickyO wrote about Film Screenings:
I have pretty much said all I wanted to say here. I don't wish to get into the mud slinging contest with Mr. - I am always right and everyone else is always wrong - Adam. Oops I just did. Sorry. I claim Campus Circle has a problem with its guest control. Please check it out and prove me (or Adam) right or wrong. At the very least, I hope this critique will make it easier for all attendees and not just the select few.... Have a good day all
Posted: 5:35pm | 4/25/2010

RickyO wrote about Film Screenings:
And why the personal attacks? You talk of "childness and insecurities" about anyone that complains on this board. That wasn't too adult. I did not personally attack you; I criticized your activities that adversely affect so many others. You, on the other hand tried to degrade & belittle me as a person rather than defend your actions. You doth protest too much, methinks. Now back to my loving computer. Have a nice day...
Posted: 5:26pm | 4/25/2010

RickyO wrote about Film Screenings:
At last, TheBigA has retorted. Or is that Adam P - the screen name from which you changed after my comments - love your profile pictures BTW. Proved your point? How so? Simply saying what I said was made up doesn't prove any thing. Anyone who has seen you in action will know what is the truth and what isn't. When Campus Circle inspects this aspect of their screenings, they will know too.
Posted: 5:26pm | 4/25/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
HA HA HA at RickyO. Thanks for proving my point about the childness and insecurities about people who come on here and complain and make stuff up. Its really easy to talk trash and make false accusations against some1 whenur sitting at home hiding behind a profile with no picture, grow up and if your so unsatisfied with how things are run then then stay at home with your computer, cause its probably the only thing that loves you
Posted: 2:29pm | 4/25/2010

kms88 wrote about Film: In My Sleep:
I saw this movie last weekend and loved it! It's a must-see mystery thriller with a great plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Posted: 4:36pm | 4/23/2010

RickyO wrote about Film Screenings:
These other sources use bar codes on their tickets and that helps a bit. I know real crowd control takes staff and you probably can't afford that, but can't you occasionally check out screenings to see what is really happening. Your screenings should be equally available to every one. Currently they are not and that's just isn't right or fair. Thank you.
Posted: 12:09pm | 4/23/2010

RickyO wrote about Film Screenings:
Adam sets the example for others who also save multiple spaces. Many of their guests show up 30 minutes before showtime. Try going from 15 to 150 in line after 2 1/2 hours and see if you have a reason to complain. Also, I have heard him talk of photocopying his invitations for his "friends". He also uses multiple screen names to gather extra invites. Campus Circle you have no real control here and that's why many of us are using other sources to attend screenings.
Posted: 12:08pm | 4/23/2010

RickyO wrote about Film Screenings:
I am laughing at Adam P's comment. There he is talking about "others" who complain & whine. Now if this the Adam that is always at that head of the line in OC venues - a rather heavy guy with a shaved head - then he is the main reason many have a reason to complain. This Adam shows up early and then saves dozens of places. I got tired of arriving at 5pm so I could be guaranteed a seat, only to be pushed further and further back.
Posted: 12:07pm | 4/23/2010

Lyndatc wrote about Theatre: “The Blue Room”:
Hey Ginger, If you want to email me I can write back with her contact information. Our Editor in Chief said she would be happy to connect you.
Posted: 11:54am | 4/23/2010

Laura C wrote about a Calendar Event:
Check out Ellyn Maybe and her band perform on the poetry stage Saturday at 5:15 !!!
Posted: 11:51am | 4/23/2010

Ginger wrote about Theatre: “The Blue Room”:
(Sorry if this double posts) Can anyone tell me how I might be able to contact the author of this article? She & I went to high school together (best newspaper/yearbook staff & drama club buddies!) and I miss her dearly. Even if one of your editors could pass a message along to her, I would be so grateful! Thank you! -Joy C.
Posted: 7:31am | 4/23/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks Campus Circle for another great screening. Enjoy seeing The Losers last night in Orange, I like to come on here and show my appreciation unlike other who come on just to complain and whine over every little thing! Thanks again!
Posted: 7:56pm | 4/22/2010

fashionmama wrote about Film Screenings:
thanks for the tickets for the loser i a great time thanks again
Posted: 6:57pm | 4/22/2010

Ziggy wrote about Film Screenings:
I had a wonderful time last night! The movie was really good and pretty funny.
Posted: 3:00pm | 4/22/2010

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