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Sandra W wrote about Film Screenings:
y'all complainter need no get a life an build a brige and get over it and the screening was ran by like 4 other companies why y'all on here complaining on sean site go to the other site and get off sean because once again he don't want to here about a line he want to here feback about the movies so keep complaining and get ur self ban because pepole still going to do what they do and they going do to do it even more the best thing Is to say nothing dummies LOL LOL I'm bring all the people LOL
Posted: 1:41pm | 5/19/2009

Sandra W wrote about Film Screenings:
Opps type errors respecting is I'm not desrespecting sean nor doing harm to any one freedom of speech and zoo is do all u pepole to is complain shut up
Posted: 1:27pm | 5/19/2009

Sandra W wrote about Film Screenings:
to tfab look let me tell u something I'm going to continue to speak how I feel u and nobody else can stop are chang that u need to get ban for trying to run sean life I can say what I want it's called freedom of speach in don't hurting nobody nor am I respecting sean I'm telling the truth y'all naging and complaining to much he don't be want to here about a line he want to here about the movie he pretty much said it yesterday he don't be wanting to here that stop complaining and I'm still going to bring 1000 people nanie nanie na na na ummm umm ummm I complain about the line allday because I worry about people allday allday because I can't zoo what they do ha ha eeeeee pepole I gotvto complain lol KOK dummies
Posted: 1:19pm | 5/19/2009

TFABOLOUS wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey Sean, thanks for letting us know you are going to look into the aforementioned problems that have recently been occurring more frequently. Another concern I have is CAMPUSCIRCLE member SANDRA W continues to use your site to irrationally banter, increased venom with each disparaging comment. Is it possible to prohibit such a reckless tone from your site? Furthermore, if this member continues her tyrannical rants, you ought to forbid her from your harmonious CAMPUSCIRCLE screenings. Thank you for the immediate attention. I am sure the other pleasent CAMPUSCIRCLE members will concur, and will be much obliged for this matter to be handled. Thanks again.
Posted: 12:36pm | 5/19/2009

mygear wrote about Film Screenings:
Over all good movie --- but not worth it getting there with your party at 330 then comoes along 6pm all the other thousand people come and jump in front of you in line--- ended up paying 10.00 dollars parking for have to wait since 330pm pretty dissapointing, PLEASE SEAN START HANDING OUT NUMBERS FOR THIS UPCOMING MOVIES otherwise is just not worth it! And also a list to check the tickets would be good since the person next to me HAD PRINTED 6 TIMES THE SAME CONFIRMATION EMAIL ----- NOT FAIR
Posted: 12:23pm | 5/19/2009

Sandra W wrote about Film Screenings:
to theburiedlife it looks like I had to tell u to thank sean I because I never saw u on this site but I got u under control I see u thank him that what u should have been done dummie u need to go bury ur slef in a grave like ur name and stop complaining about other people because where still going to do what we want and sean still going to run the screening how he want LOL Lol LOL I'm going to bring a 1000 people next time LOL nanie nanie na na LOL LOL lmao
Posted: 11:57am | 5/19/2009

Sandra W wrote about Film Screenings:
Ok peplike is people and taking is talking
Posted: 11:06am | 5/19/2009

moviekatt wrote about the Dance Flick Film Screening:
if you're looking for CA screenings for this.. There is one tonight from - still open
Posted: 11:06am | 5/19/2009

theburiedlife wrote about Film Screenings:
First of all, I've thanked Sean many a time for the privilage of going to the movie, and I've never complained about not getting tickets or anything of that sort like some people on here. I was simply commenting on your lack of manners, saying things like nanie nanie na na, basically sounding like a child and typing like one as well. You are stating one minute that I need to appreciate Sean's work and then the next minute laughing cause you and your "group" are upsetting people. Just a heads up, your attitude is just as hard on him cause you took the focus away from the movie. Thank you Sean for the making it possible for me to see so many great movies before they come out. If you need help with implimenting a system I would be happy to help and I know many other people on this board would as well. I love Campus Circle <3
Posted: 11:06am | 5/19/2009

Sandra W wrote about Film Screenings:
Any way I know it was a couple of type errors because of my crazy t9 I don't know what they are but in sure yall still know what I mean
Posted: 11:04am | 5/19/2009

moviekatt wrote about Film Screenings:
I was never much of a fan of Terminator movies, or war/battle movies in general. But I wanted to see the theatre (and the person I came with was dying to see the movie). I have to say, it was a brilliant story line with great/powerful actors. The machines made me jump out of my seat, and though I'm not one to like the $10 movie tickets nowadays, this movie (sound/visual) is definnatteeellly worth seeing on the big screen!
Posted: 11:01am | 5/19/2009

Sandra W wrote about Film Screenings:
Anyway thank sean for all the movies invites I'm greatful as always now see look at Bigbear he's not complaining he's thanking sean for the movie what this is supose to be about
Posted: 10:38am | 5/19/2009

BigBear818 wrote about Film Screenings:
great terminator movie....had alot of fun......thanx you for the free tix
Posted: 10:31am | 5/19/2009

Sandra W wrote about Film Screenings:
Lol y'all stupid to theburiedlife let me tell u something like I said I'm still going to bring my party how is it cutting when u cone as a party it's a dam shame y'all get on here complaining about a line more than thanking sean for the movie because he don't have to let u in to the complainter keep doing it so y'all can get ban because he's not going to want to keep hereing it I was like the 40th person in line because of a party and I'm not on a site complaining get there early to avoid the party and besides yall worng for complaining on he's site of talking bout the movies and thanking sean he mad the comment section for movie reviews not to complain so talk about the movie
Posted: 10:18am | 5/19/2009

MACCAPONE wrote about the Terminator Salvation OC Film Screening:
Posted: 10:09am | 5/19/2009

therandster wrote about Film Screenings:
Wow.....I sure am glad that I didn't win tickets. As far as screenings goes, Indie films > Box Office Blockbusters. Lesser known movies are less likely to be crowded by the teeny bopper crowd. The "word" about free screenings have now reached the masses, making it harder than ever to attend them because of issues like line cutting and saving spots. One thing that I absolutely love about free screenings is the experience. People that are willing to wait hours for a film are more than likely film fanatics. You know that the audience isn't going to be comprised of immature teenager antics, babies crying, and loud beverage and food consumption. Unfortunately, it may seem that all that is about to change.
Posted: 9:38am | 5/19/2009 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hello everyone, Wow, a lot of comments about the screening last night. Unfortunately, more about the line situation as opposed to the film itself. There are a lot of valuable points being made here. I'm disappointed that people continue to cut in line. It is just not right. Further, people holding seats inside is not good as well. I'm working on a solution for the lines. I do like the idea of people getting numbers while they are waiting to get in the theater. I'm going to implement a solution asap. In the meantime though, we all need to be respectful of each other and do the right thing. If you want to hold a spot for one person (your guest), that's fine but 3 or 4 people is just wrong. I'll see a lot of you on Wednesday night. Let's start there. See you then. And, as always thanks for the feedback.
Posted: 9:31am | 5/19/2009

sunsetss wrote about Film Screenings:
In spite of the cutting in line drama I enjoyed Terminator last night. Lot's of action and well worth seeing in the theater even in IMAX because of all of the action sequences. Thanks to Sean and the Campus Circle team for making it happen.
Posted: 9:22am | 5/19/2009

theburiedlife wrote about Film Screenings:
Wow looks like they let just about anybody into these things...seriously. What was it that Sandra W said "because like I Said my party still comeing in front with me even if I have 2 million pepole ha haha woooo ummmm umm umm nanie nanie na na LOL". Lady you sound like an idiot. Your million friends and yourself are the problem with some of these screenings, and as far as paying for a movie, I have no problem doing that, but I do have a problem with you and your non-exsitent "million" friends cutting in with you. Your sense of entitlement and your inability to act maturely will get you some kind of karmic push somewhere out in life. And why don't YOU stop trying to tell Campus Circle your whole life.
Posted: 8:32am | 5/19/2009

stro79 wrote about Film Screenings:
great job once again sean and all the others who did the screening. But i know personally there were 10 empty seats next to us because some lady held seats for her friends who didn't even get in so that is 10 or 15 people in line who were next who could have gotten in and didn't. but I'm sure her jacket and purse and walker enjoyed the movie. hope they gave the movie a good review.
Posted: 7:10am | 5/19/2009

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