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funmanland wrote about Film Screenings:
I viewed "Spread" last night! If I had to sum it all up......The movie was just two ours of soft porn....not that that's a bad thing, but poor Demi had to sit through her hubby slapping meat with all the hotties........he's just acting...RIGHT! Pretty Good Overall!
Posted: 12:19pm | 8/14/2009

salsakid wrote about Film Screenings:
Sean hi there Good Morning and 2 C.C. STAFF AS WELL.well what can i say SEXY SEXY SEXY FLICK THAT SPEAD MOVIE..WOW..THANKS 4 THE PASSES.
Posted: 10:41am | 8/14/2009

migirene wrote about Film Screenings:
Last night i attended the SPREAD screening ...I thought t was a very interesting movie,,,overall it was a good..Ashton Kutcher was great as well..Thanks Sean for a fun evening!!
Posted: 9:28am | 8/14/2009

mb22 wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey Sean, be nice just to see one movie this summer. Have not got one all summer.
Posted: 9:24am | 8/14/2009

shadowpigpants wrote about Film Screenings:
District 9 was awesome. Best movie of the summer for me. BUT, i completely agree with a_uniqhorn. There was a couple standing in line two groups in front of me (I got there around 5). Around 6:45 TWELVE people joined them in line. I understand if you are saving a spot for maybe two people, but TWELVE. I wasn't even a quarter of the way back in the line, and I still got pretty bad seats. Lots of people who waited longer didn't see the movie just because of that one group. Thanks for the great movie, and I still had a good time, but something needs to be done about cutting in line.
Posted: 8:57am | 8/14/2009

LOLGuy wrote about Film Forums: Do OC people like to go to the movies?:
Yes we like indie films, they usually only play at either the Block, oe theIrvine theatre right across from UCI. But i have screened indie films other places. The 3 last "indie films" that i saw were 500 Days of Summer (cute movie),Away We Go (Very understated and hilarious) and Is Anybody There? (a slow but touching film with Michael Cain)
Posted: 6:49am | 8/14/2009

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks Sean for removing that comment
Posted: 6:45am | 8/14/2009 wrote about Film Forums: Do OC people like to go to the movies?:
This is all good but do OC people like to go see independent films? If so, where are you going to see them? Also, let me know some of the last indie flicks you have seen. As for coming down there, sure, I'll make a trip this fall down to the Block. I'll have to leave my office though at like 3PM because traffic sucks getting down there.
Posted: 1:19am | 8/14/2009

a_uniqhorn wrote about Film Screenings:
There were 5 people in front of me, when they stopped the line. They said that not everyone was going to get in. They then started counting and letting in a few people at a time. I did get in, but it is unfair to the people behind me that didn't. They waited in line and got there much earlier than the line cutters. Something needs to be done about this. I would have been very pissed had I waited all those hours and not gotten in. The people that cut in line know who they. They are arrogant, self-centered and a son-of-a-b*****. With respect to the movie, I will give my review of it later, so that I don't ruin it for others.
Posted: 1:12am | 8/14/2009

a_uniqhorn wrote about Film Screenings:
Just got back from the screening of District 9. I got on line at 5:30 PM. The line wasn't too bad. From where I was standing I could see all the theatre doors. But starting at 6:15 - 6:30 PM a huge amount (last count was 30) of people showed up and got in line with their friends further up the line. The line got so big and wide, I could no longer see any of the theatre doors. So many people cut in line that it was simply ridiculous. I saw one guy come with several sheets of the email and hand them out to some of these people. It was obvious that he was handing out photocopies. Finally, the line started moving into the theatre.
Posted: 1:12am | 8/14/2009

LAskierboy wrote about Film Screenings:
You guys are just ticked off cause you didn't get to see it yet. So STOP SNIVELING! And look again! I only spoke to an imaginary sequel THAT DOESN'T EVEN EXIST YET! I'm just guessing fan boys!!! I said NOTHING about the plot of the film you'll just have to wait a few more minutes to see. (There is more to life than just this movie) ... so stop sniveling and go enjoy the film. Trust me, you still don't know what this version is about so quit acting all put out like spoiled Beverly Hills babies. IF I WAS REALLY GOING TO SPOIL IT FOR YOU, I WOULD WARN YOU FIRST, AND THAT WAY YOU COULD JUST STOP READING.
Posted: 11:56pm | 8/13/2009 wrote about Film Screenings:
I agree with you AdamP that was a idiot moving telling the movie like that. you talk about how the movie was, not whats in the movie. Hopefully Sean or someone will delete that. Nothing worse than hearing the ending of the movie before seeing it. Also its kinda funny that people can stand in line for over 3 hours to watch a free movie but cant get online for 2 minutes to review it. That grinds my gear...
Posted: 11:33pm | 8/13/2009

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks LASkierboy for giving away details about the film, NOT!!!! Ur supposed 2 comment on it,how smoothly the line for the screening was, talk about how the movie was shot, the acting, directing, anything, but not give away plot points since it hasn't come out yet.That's just rude! Some of us have been waiting 2 c this film for months now (not just the past few weeks with the trailers on tv)and don't need la douches giving it away. thanks
Posted: 10:37pm | 8/13/2009

LAskierboy wrote about Film Screenings:
District 9 will be the surprise hit of the summer!
Posted: 10:34pm | 8/13/2009

LAskierboy wrote about Film Screenings:
DISTRICT 9 was AWESOME! A new franchise is born! This film will do huge box-office numbers. It is so much better than the trailers allowed it to appear. GO SEE THIS FLICK!
Posted: 10:31pm | 8/13/2009

MEG wrote about Film Forums: What is the best film you have seen this summer?:
Love the movie 500 Days of Summer. Go check it out!
Posted: 10:15pm | 8/13/2009

Ladypinkie wrote about Film Screenings:
It was very easy to get into the screening of "Spread" tonight. We didn't have to wait in line very long, and there were plenty of good seats. The movie was pretty good, although I can't get that into Ashton Kutcher as an irresistable gigolo. He's good-looking but not gorgeous. Anne Heche looked great.
Posted: 10:05pm | 8/13/2009

MEG wrote about Film Forums: Do OC people like to go to the movies?:
Thanks Sean for giving us a voice. People in OC are movie goers and love to watch advance screenings too. It would also help the local businesses. There are plenty of great theaters to choose from the Block to the Spectrum.
Posted: 9:31pm | 8/13/2009

veitguy88 wrote about Film Forums: Do OC people like to go to the movies?:
Hello, as a regular movie screening goer and lover i would love to see more movie screenings in OC. i attend movie screenings on a regular basis and over %80 of screenings i go to are at the block. Its close, convinient, the environment is great, and screenings are always fun in OC. personally i live in the Long Beach area so it takes me about 20 minutes for a screening in OC or 30-45 minutes (depending on traffic) to get to screenings in LA. its a close and easier commute and screenings are less packed in OC which is great too. I would love to see movie screenings on a regular basis in OC at the block. thanks for your time and thank you campuscircle!
Posted: 7:42pm | 8/13/2009

LOLGuy wrote about Film Forums: Do OC people like to go to the movies?:
U should do more screenings in the O.C. because we r just as crazy and fanatical as the Los Angeles folks. We freak out over upcoming movies, but don't get the premieres and special screenings here, also there is less 2 do here then in LA so movies are very important 2 us. I like to see everything, i love all genres and the more O.C. screenings u do the more i will save on tickets. Thanks Sean for all that u do and i hope to meet u officially soon! Come to the O.C. and check us out!
Posted: 7:24pm | 8/13/2009

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